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Jamie Stanton Runs 4-Teens with New ProCharged Combination in X275 Trim While Testing


As the racing season winds down and temperatures cool off, drivers have been busy chasing the numbers and are working hard to take advantage of conditions to secure new personal bests before the calendar year comes to a close. Jamie Stanton, a longtime racer known for setting record after record with his nitrous-injected ’02 Camaro in X275, recently changed his combination over to ProCharger power and has wasted no time in continuing his tradition.

Not one to boast or brag, Stanton and his longtime friend, fabricator, and chassis builder, Jake Holdrege of Pentagon Race Fab, prefer to let their badass gold and black Camaro’s numbers do the talking instead.

“I’m just there to race,” confirmed Stanton, 49, who has been in the game for several decades. “I’ve been competitive in a lot of classes and won a couple races in X275 but always struggled with the nitrous combination on race day for some reason.”

So, about three months ago, when Stanton saw that fellow X275 competitor Tim Dutton had posted a blower-built engine for sale, he talked with Holdrege and decided to go for it. The purchase consisted of a small-block Chevy 363ci Brodix engine (both block and heads) that had been assembled by Shawn Miller at Precision Racing Technologies. A class-legal and gear-driven ProCharger F-3D-102 supercharger was selected as the pressurized power adder, and a Powerglide transmission was chosen as the transmission, with the whole drivetrain assembly taking only about five weeks to get it all together.

“We had never messed with EFI before, but switched over to a Holley EFI system and Greg Powrie helped with the tuning—he’s a great dude,” noted Stanton, who debuted the revised platform at Donald Long’s Sweet 16 3.0 race at South Georgia Motorsports Park in October of 2020.

At SGMP, the F-body came around quickly and Stanton soon had a handle on things, but things went even better the following weekend at No Mercy 11.

“We qualified badly, but raced [Charles] Hull in the first round and beat him, then raced [John] Urist in the second round and beat him, too,” note Stanton, who posted a 4.286 at 167.59mph number on the scoreboard for the latter pass. Unfortunately, he was a little too amped up in round three and fouled the start by 0.002 seconds to default the win to Ron Rhodes. “We did run a new personal best of 4.25 at 168 mph that weekend, though.”

After the back-to-back marathon events in Georgia, Stanton headed home to upstate New York where he runs his business, EJ Automotive & Collision, and took a careful look at the data he had gathered. With Holdrege ready and less than one month later, the guys headed down to Cecil County Dragway in Maryland in early November for a radial-prep test session.

“Right off the trailer, it went a 4.20-flat,” said Stanton happily. Continued changes, adjustments, and small tweaks were made, and the Camaro responded confidently with a 4.19-second hit, which also included a 1.01-second 60-foot time. “But… my door flew off, so I was done for the day!”

With only 18 runs on the combination to date, the performance that Stanton and Holdrege have already achieved is nothing short of impressive. It’s clear that the two know their stuff when it comes to suspension tuning, chassis setup, and making it all work flawlessly. While they sure make it look easy, any racer worth their salt knows it isn’t.

“The blower motor is so much different than the nitrous. You have to hit a nitrous car so much harder than this to get it to leave…but I haven’t had to change any pistons yet, so that’s a plus!” he laughed.

Stanton’s got a new set of doors on order and plans to attend the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals at Florida’s Bradenton Motorsports Park in early December to cap off his season before starting anew in 2021 and following the X275 circuit.

Ainsley Jacobs
Ainsley Jacobs
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