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JLT Performance 2020 Shelby GT500 Big Air Intake Hits Market


JLT Performance is known for being first to market with cold air intakes, oil separators and visual upgrades designed for a variety of domestic performance vehicles. With the introduction of its new Big Air Intake (priced from $399) for the 2020 Shelby GT500, it’s more of the same for the family-owned business.

The JLT Big Air Intake utilizes a black textured intake tube, an S&B Powerstack filter, a redesigned heat shield and fresh air duct, a silicone coupler, heavy-duty clamps and all necessary hardware. Using CAD technology, JLT was able to implement a 6-inch intake tube tapering down to 4 ½-inches at the throttle-body.

The throttle-body end of the intake tube is a ½-inch larger than stock for anticipated larger aftermarket offerings. The redesigned heat shield blocks hot air from the engine compartment, while the shield seals to the hood to draw cool air from the JLT fresh air inlet for a true ram air design. JLT’s Big Air Intake comes with the option of a reusable S&B oiled filter or a one-time use unit. Plus, the it’s available with a pre-filter as an option to further help prolong filter life and performance. Also offered is an optional second filter for when it’s time to clean the first without waiting for the oil to dry.

JLT’s in-house Dynojet, along with independent tests, have resulted in 25-30 horsepower on stock applications, but more power is possible with the addition of further modifications and custom tuning. For more information, visit, or call 757-335-1940.

(Content courtesy of JLT Performance)

Mary Lendzion
Mary Lendzion
Formerly a writer at the Detroit Free Press, Mary Lendzion has written for NMCA and NMRA for more than ten years. She's also the director of media and public relations for Summit Motorsports Park, and spends as much time as possible racing her Mustang.