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KBX Performance To Break Into The Nitrous World With New DXP Street Mustang


KBX Performance has largely been known for its turbocharged and supercharged engine combinations since the company’s inception, and as KBX’s Justin McChesney explained to us, the company has been thinking about getting into the nitrous oxide engine business with an in-house project car. That mission has become a reality as KBX Performance has teamed up with Rodney Reagan and Shawn Pevlor to field a Fox-Body Mustang in the new-for-2020 DXP Street class.

“We had been kicking around the idea of having a nitrous car for two years now and wanted to expand our horizons since we’re not known for nitrous cars,” McChesney explained. “When Donald Long announced DXP Street, it was the perfect opportunity.”

The KBX crew started looking for a suitable chassis and ended up working with Rodney Reagan, who had purchased John Cipolla’s former X275 Mustang, which ran a big-block Ford/nitrous combination.

“We wanted to start with something that would be a pretty easy conversion,” McChesney said. “If we were building a car from scratch, this one has all of the parts we would want.”

While its notable that KBX has made a name for itself with turbo- and supercharged engine combinations, its engine-building side of the business is Bennett Racing, which has nitrous experience dating back to the early 1990s. Powering the Calypso Green notchback is a small-block Ford based off of the Bennett Racing 400U series of engines. That same platform is used for KBX’s Ultra Street engine program, and the team just made the necessary changes for nitrous use.

The 400-plus-cubic-inch engine program employs Trick Flow Specialties high-port cylinder heads, and a spec NOS nitrous plate (PN12500).

“The rules are very specific, so you pick engine parts for the small nitrous combination, which is only flowing 300-325 horsepower,” McChesney told us. “We have been dyno experimenting to see what works. We want to keep it [the engine] as efficient as possible because of the little amount of nitrous that you are using.”

Carburetion is required and limited to the Holley 4150 design. KBX has been working with Book Racing Enterprises and SP Carburetors on the fuel mixer, and have tapped RPM Transmission for one of its 3-speed Turbo 400 transmissions and ProTorque converter.

Driving the Mustang will be Shawn Pevlor, who most recently drove to the 2019 NMCA Street Outlaw Championship in Tony Bischoff’s nitrous-injected Mustang.

“We started talking to Shawn at the track and became good friends over the years,” McChesney explained. “We’ve had a great rivalry between us and BES.”

With the new nitrous bullet fine-tuned on the engine dyno using an NLR nitrous controller and fed a healthy diet of VP Racing Fuels gasoline, it was then dropped into the Mustang by Tin Soldiers Race Cars, who performed all of the final fitment tasks, including fabricating the new headers.

“It’s in the car and running, and we’re leaving Wednesday for Bradenton Motorsports Park to get some test passes under our belt before Duck’s race,” McChesney said. The first DXP Street event will take place at the 2020 DX Productions Lights Out race at South Georgia Motorsports Park in February, and the class may be featured at other races this year, with a possible stop at the NMCA Power Festival in St. Louis.