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Larry Larson Goes Street Outlaw Hunting With Unique Body Modifications | Presented by Nitto Tire


Photos Courtesy of Larson Race Cars

Larry Larson, a 5-time Drag Week champion, has been a fixture on the popular No Prep scene over the last few seasons with his street-legal Chevy S-10 truck. He’s won some big dollar shootouts as well as securing two Rocky Mountain Race Week victories, but Larson has been locked out of the Street Outlaws 32-car Invitational that have been popping up monthly around the country. Despite the truck’s noted street-legal status and having been built from an actual production vehicle,  the rules for Street Outlaws on the television show and No Prep races prevent it from competing.

The rules state that vehicles must utilize steel roof and quarter-panels and also be within two-inches of the original vehicle’s wheelbase length, this is to prevent Pro Modifieds from entering competition, like Big Chief’s Crow Mod. Under those rules an older NHRA/IHRA Pro Stock car typically fits, but Larson’s S-10 fell out of legality. According to insiders, the pick-up bed on Larson’s truck was too short for the wheelbase/cab configuration. Like all great racers, he read the rule book and had his shop, Larson Race Cars, start working on a fix for the problem. They went to the junkyard to get a long-bed and then fired up some torches and cutters. In short time, the S-10 became longer, the rule was satisfied, and Larson had a big smile on his face as he could now take a shot at beating the quickest street racers in the world.

Right now, Larson is on the property at Tuscon Dragway and while he isn’t in the exclusive field, there is a Race-Your-Way-In shootout that he has to finish as the winner or runner-up in order to qualify for the Street Outlaws 32-car Invitational. Packing a Pro Line 620ci big-block Chevy with a pair of Precision turbochargers and a laptop full of tuning data for his Fuel Tech FT600, Larson certainly has the skills to be a front-runner in the $40,000-to-win No Prep race.

“I built this truck to push the rules for Drag Week and here we are doing it again,” commented Larson. You didn’t hear it from us, but the back can be converted into a short-bed with some simple modifications and removing an extension on the parachute mount.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.