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Late Model Racecraft’s Record-Shattering LT-Powered C7 Corvette | Presented by Nitto Tire


By Ainsley Jacobs

Photos Courtesy of Late Model Racecraft

When Steven Fereday and his team at Late Model Racecraft (LMR) decide to do something, they go ALL IN. On August 1st, Fereday headed over to Evandale Raceway in Evandale, Texas, with a customer car and absolutely decimated the LT1-powered C7 Corvette elapsed time world record.

“Compared to some of our other cars, this one isn’t too wild,” said LMR Sales Manager, Jason Heaton, in regards to the street-legal C7 Corvette which is owned by Richard Broadway and rides on a set of Menscer Motorsports coilovers. “We have others that make more power, but this was the first one to pull the trigger on the Powerglide.”

The transmission in question, a Powerglide built by RPM Transmissions, is what enabled Broadway’s C7 Corvette to put all of its power to the pavement effectively and reliably.

With Fereday, owner of the respected Houston, Texas-based build shop, behind the wheel at Evandale, the pair rocketed into the record books as the world’s quickest and fastest LT-powered C7 Corvette. A 1.23-second 60-foot time translated into a 5.17 at 135.75 mph eighth-mile blast and a full on 8.06 at 170.13 mph quarter-mile pass running it out the back door. For good measure, too, the car even added a little wheelie just to keep things interesting and show there was plenty more power available.

Assembled by Late Model Engines (LME), the C7’s 416 ci Gen V LT methanol-sipping engine is based off a stock block but houses a set of forged rods from Callies and forged pistons from Wiseco, along with a Callies crank and camshaft from Cam Motion. Brian Tooley Racing supplied various other internal components while exhaust manifolds from American Racing Headers flank the banks.

The RPM-built Powerglide, with its stout ProTorque torque converter, was the key ingredient to the C7 being able to hold up to its dual power adder configuration which is composed of a ProCharger F-1X blower and a small Nitrous Express nitrous oxide kit. “Now that we’ve got a trans that’ll hold up, we can run both power adders,” added Heaton.

Engine management is handled via HP Tuners software, LMR expects to see Broadway’s Corvette push the record even lower with a trip well into the 7-second zone – even with its full interior still intact. “This car was built specifically with the intention of breaking the True Street-style small tire record, and that’s exactly what we plan to keep doing,” Heaton asserted of what’s in store for the future of the world’s quickest and fastest LT-powered C7.

Ainsley Jacobs
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