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Lose Some Weight with IDIDIT


When shaving off pounds are as important as gaining extra horsepower, the savvy racer does whatever he or she can do to grab an edge – especially in heads-up racing. Thankfully there are tons of ways to trim the fat, but like anyone who has tried to lose weight, they know it’s the last few pounds that always seem to be the hardest.

While many people know the simple and quick ways to lose pounds, some have a harder time figuring out where those extra pounds are hiding. Here’s a hint – the stock steering column.

Enter IDIDIT and their Pro-Fab Steering Columns. Their ultra-lightweight race columns weigh as little as 5.75 pounds when paired with an IDIDIT Performance quick-release steering hub and aftermarket lightweight steering wheel, offering a 16-pound weight savings over the OE factory column.

They come with an extended steering shaft which can be cut to length to so you can attach a quick release steering wheel where it fits you best. And yes, it actually fits in the stock location, allowing an easy swap without all the hassles of trying to make the thing fit.

When paired with SFI-approved five or six bolt steering wheel hub, you can attach just about any aftermarket quick release wheel you can find to it.

The bottom line? For around $400.00 bucks you can trim those pounds quickly and easily by installing IDIDIT’s ProFab Column and steering hub combo – available for all Mustangs from the Fox to the S550.

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