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Maxima Performance Motor Oil and Assembly Grease



Maxima Racing Oils is now offering performance motor oils with high Zinc content.

Maxima High Performance Mineral-based engine oil is designed to enable maximum power while providing ultimate protection under the most severe race conditions. The extensively developed formulation utilizes a 2X Zinc system combined with unique “stay-in-place” chemistry for protection during every run. High quality base oils combine with an advanced, proprietary additive system provides world-class durability through effective ring seal, optimum engine cleanliness, and resistance to separation caused by fuel dilution.

Also from Maxima Racing Oils is the company’s specialty high performance assembly grease that excels in a multitude of heavy duty and light duty applications, from building engines to building chassis. The unique calcium sulfonate complex soap thickener combines with a proprietary additive system to deliver unmatched thermal stability and extreme pressure performance. The oil-soluble formulation won’t clog filters and provides exceptional protection against corrosion, water washout and wear.

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