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Maxima Racing Oils Features PSO Synthetic Racing Engine Oil


Maxima Racing Oils features PSO Synthetic Racing Engine Oil, an ester-based racing engine oil jointly developed with NHRA’s leading Pro Stock team. A true technological marvel, PSO’s viscosity is half that of a typical 20wt and contains a unique and exclusive friction modifier system, enabling maximum power output by minimizing frictional losses. Through the use of advanced and proprietary chemistry, this ultra-thin oil is still able to provide optimum protection for engines producing more than 2,500 HP.

Features and benefits:
* Race track developed with the #1 NHRA Pro Stock race team
* Maximum power and protection for +2,500 HP engines
* Formulated for both flat tappet cams and roller cams
* World-class, proprietary additive system and esters combine to virtually eliminate oxidation and wear
* Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to engine surfaces and keeps them clean

For all high performance engines, including flat tappet. Does not require additional additives or boosters. Compatible with all race fuels. No special procedures are required when switching to Maxima Racing Oils. For more information, call 619-449-5000 or visit

(Content courtesy of Maxima Racing Oil)

Mary Lendzion
Mary Lendzion
Formerly a writer at the Detroit Free Press, Mary Lendzion has written for NMCA and NMRA for more than ten years. She's also the director of media and public relations for Summit Motorsports Park, and spends as much time as possible racing her 8-second Mustang.