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New Product—Concept Performance LSR Aluminum Engine Block in Standard and Tall Deck Heights


Anyone who doubts the popularity of the LS should just move along and find another hobby. That said, as the LS booms from the street to racing forums of the drag strip over to the desert there is demand for a stronger engine block. A new name has emerged in the market but they are not a new player in the LS engine block market—Concept Performance. It has provided private label castings for some heavyweights in the industry and the LSR aluminum block marks the first product it is manufacturing under its own brand.

The LSR is 100% made in the U.S.A. and is cast using a proprietary 356 T6 aluminum ingot and features spun ductile iron sleeves. Concept Performance offers in both the standard 9.240-inch and taller 9.750-inch deck heights and they even have an option for a raised camshaft. All engine blocks include main caps that are 40% thicker, have double cross-bolts on cylinders two, three, and four, and Pro-Gram Engineering billet main caps are optional for extreme applications. Concept Performance lists various size ARP main cap stud options. Total weight for the LSR aluminum block, with main caps, is a mere 113 pounds.

The LSR accepts all LS components such as covers, pans, and accessories along with all LS style cylinder heads. If a combination calls for better cylinder head sealing, there are six head bolts per cylinder and Concept Performance incorporates .750-inch decks on both short and tall deck blocks. The bore size can go from 4.065-inches up to a robust 4.190-inches. The crankcase has also been maximized, further improving the LSR for large displacements. The lifter valley is cross-braced, has individual drain backs, and the front oil feed can be restricted for use with mechanical lifters. The lifter bore diameter can be increased for different applications and finally, the cam bore can be machined to accept 60mm roller cam bearings.

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