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New Product—Dart LS Next PRO Engine Block


Dart Machinery continues the evolution of the LS Next platform by releasing the all new SHP LS Next PRO block! Designed for high performance applications, the SHP LS NEXT PRO block is the ideal starting point for drag racers, circle track competitors, off-roaders, and high performance marine enthusiasts. This new superior strength 220 BHN cast iron block features a full skirt design with a priority main oiling system, steel four-bolt main caps with upgraded ARP main studs and provisions for stock and aftermarket oil filter mounting. The Dart SHP LS Next PRO is the perfect high performance upgrade for your factory LS block.

Dart SHP LS Next PRO Features:

  • Superior strength 220 BHN Cast Iron
  • Steel 4-bolt main caps with upgraded ARP main studs
  • Lifter oil crossover with restrictor provision
  • 6-bolt per cylinder capability
  • 4.000” up to 4.185” bore
  • Factory oil filter provision
  • 8-counterweight machining
  • Full skirt design
  • Priority main oiling
  • Siamese cylinder bores
  • Thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal
  •  Parts kit included (PN: 32000018)

Part Numbers:

PN: 31867112 – 9.240” x 4.000” x LS Main

PN: 31867212 – 9.240” x 4.125” x LS Main

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