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New Product—Flowtech Small Block Ford Universal Fit Turbo Headers


The world of turbocharging has captured the new generation of enthusiasts as they are sticking the exhaust-driven boost makers on everything from the golf-carts to 5,000hp Pro Modifieds and Radial vs. The World door-slammers. Flowtech Exhaust has released a set of turbo headers for the small-block Ford and they’ve stacked it with several impressive features. The headers are classified as a universal fit and are in the down and forward style.

Like the popular LS version of the turbo headers, Flowtech offers the headers in coated mild steel, natural finish 304 stainless steel, and polished stainless steel materials. The headers are available in either 1-3/4 inch or 1-7/8 inch primary tube dimensions and all headers come with a 3-inch collector that features a merge spear to increase exhaust velocity. In order to prevent exhaust leaks, the header flanges are a robust 3/8-inch thick. The 3-inch collector has a V-band flange and all clamps are included.


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Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.