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New Product—Power By the Hour 4R200 Billet Hub Upgrade for 6R80


Power By The Hour Performance is proud to introduce you to yet another innovative product. After working and racing with the 6r80 automatic transmission for years, they found a weak spot in the forward planetary. Through testing, Power by the Hour Performance made a hub to replace the planet and allow them to manipulate the gear ratio. Working closely with their tuning partners at Lund Racing, the Florida-based company came up with the 4R200 hub.

By installing the 4R200 in a 6R80, it removes the load on a weak links in the Power Gears (First, Second, and Third). These weak links are commonly identified as the OD clutches, intermediate shaft, and the forward planetary. In the case of the 4R200, the factory forward planetary is completely replaced. The modification subsequently changes the gear ratio in the 6r80, while keeping Overdrive, Converter Lock Up, and trans-brake. The new gear ratio will help make launching at the drag strip more consistent and keep the transmission in each gear longer, which will help alleviate shift anticipation issues.

4R200 GEAR RATIO   2.74 1ST/1.54 2ND/1 TO 1 3RD/.69 4TH(OD)

Recommended rear gear ratios for the 4R200, using a 28-inch tall tire, are 3.31-3.55 for 170-200mph and 3.55-3.73 for 165-170mph use.

Installation of the 4R200 can be accomplished by any qualified technician. Machining isn’t required as it is a direct replacement for the factory forward planetary.

Enthusiasts will need to get an updated tune in order to get the transmission to shift properly with the new gear ratio. Power By the Hour Performance will be contact 4R200 users once it is installed in order to create the updated tune.

On the left is the factory planetary and on the right is the 4R200 replacement from Power by the Hour.

4 = 4 SPEED




Mike Galimi
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