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New Product—Vortech V-3 Heritage Series Supercharger


Something old with something new—Vortech releases its Heritage Series supercharger in its proven V-3 transmission setup and it brings back the nostalgic gear-noise that made the supercharger famous in 1990.

The Vortech V-1 is an iconic supercharger that helped revolutionize the high-performance aftermarket in the early 1990s and is credited as the first gear-driven supercharger for this type of application. It helped launch a then-new Vortech brand into the forefront of the Mustang market as it powered thousands of Mustangs—and eventually other vehicles—to more power and dominance during the street/strip wars of yesteryear. It was a gateway to a bevy of products that each built upon the previous “trim” and ultimately produced the first 10-, 9-, and 8-second runs for supercharged Fox-body Mustangs.

Vortech moved away from the noisy gear-drive system to a quieter V-2 transmission with helical cut gears and revised designs, but it is proud to re-introduce that nostalgic and classic audible in its proven V-3 series transmission setup. Boasting straight cut gears, the V-3 offers a 3.45:1 step-up ratio and a self-lubricating oiling system that features a new oil slinger. Vortech can configure the V-3 Heritage series in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotations for use in rear or forward facing inlet setups found on the Fox-body, 4.6/5.4 Modular, and Coyote 5.0 kits. There are multiple trim options including the popular Si, Ti, and JT models for good, big, and ridiculous power levels and there are three appearance choices—satin, black, and polished.

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Mike Galimi
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