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No Mercy 10—Thursday/Friday Coverage presented by Edelbrock


Marking its 10th year, No Mercy 10 kicked off in typical fashion with records being set in the cool fall weather. An expected weather front coming in on Friday night and Saturday has the staff pushing the schedule hard, but there will be no lack of hard and fast radial-tire racing this weekend at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Salisbury, North Carolina’s Mark Rogers reset the Ultra Street record already with a 4.53 pass at 154.97 mph in his 2003 Mustang Cobra. The Modular-motored machine pulled a hard wheelie in the final qualifying run on Thursday and Rogers had to pedal it, but he had already claimed the top spot on the Ultra Street qualifying ladder.

In other Mustang news, Matt Bell of Redline Motorsports reset the Limited Drag Radial record on Thursday night, clocking a 4.047 at 190 mph and having backed it up earlier in the day with a 4.05. Bell logged a 4.06 the day before and the consistency comes from his tuning on his Holley EFI Dominator, along with the Jeff Burns-built 555ci Energy big-block Chevy engine under the hood that is boosted by a pair of Forced Inductions 88mm turbos. The Chuck Burkhart chassis clocked a 1.078 60-ft and Bell himself is on his game with a .001 reaction time during his record-setting run.

Stevie “Fast” Jackson can make the runs when it counts, and that’s why the 2019 NHRA Pro Modified champion grabbed the top spot on Radial Vs The World qualifying, laying down a 3.605 at 212 mph on Thursday night. Jackson led 8 other cars in the 3.6s and the bump spot going into eliminations today is a 4.04.

Mark Micke was getting after it in the final qualifier on Thursday with Jason Carter’s Chevy Malibu, and a 3.691 at 185.95 put the team 6th on the ladder. Just as Micke was about to complete his run, the motor went boom in spectacular fashion, and the team had to swap out engines for eliminations.

NMRA Street Outlaw driver Manny Buginga is here with his Big Red Mustang, and the turbocharged machine is running near the top of the X275 field. Currently, Buginga’s 4.277 elapsed time placed him second on the qualifying ladder behind Jamie Johnson and his 4.272, but more importantly, the Anthony DiSomma engine started making a little too much noise and the team found that a rocker arm had come loose. Johnny Maguda (pictured) set to the task of first retightening the rocker, but later swapped out the questionable component as a precaution.

Finishing third in points for the season in the NMCA’s VP Racing Fuels Xtreme Pro Mod, Tom Blincoe isn’t quite done racing for the year as he and David Monday are here with radial tires on their cars. Blincoe got loose yesterday and contacted the wall with the front end of the Corvette, but the team made repairs and were ready for first round of eliminations.

John Keesy of Coatesville, PA has owned his Mustang since high school and the former Pottstown street racer has taken it through a number of changes over the years. Currently, it houses a Bennett Racing and KBX Performance 400U engine that measures 380ci and is pressurized by a Forced Inductions 88mm turbo. Keesy says the car’s ATF Speed lockup transmission has been key in his car’s 4.308 qualifying performance, and with Victor Contreras tweaking the Haltech 2500T ECU, the team advanced through the first round of eliminations.

Coming off wins at last year’s No Mercy and this winter’s Lights Out events, Alex Laughlin qualified his Radial Vs. The World C6 Corvette in the 5th spot yesterday and powered past E. Bernardo’s Camaro in the first round of eliminations.

Dewitt, Arkansas’ Shane Fisher took home the Street Outlaw win at this year’s NMRA/NMCA Nitto Tire Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing and this weekend he qualified 5th in X275 with a 4.330, but the effort was a little hard on the head gaskets so the team was finishing up the repair this morning. In the first round of eliminations, Fisher and his opponent both had problems in the front half of the track, but Fisher pedaled it to the round win.

We might need to rename South Georgia Motorsports Park the House of High-Flying Antics as a number of cars were attempting to launch into space. First it was Jeff Miller in the Bumble Bee Camaro and then it was Norman Bryson’s turn as his Corvette put on a spectacular show during the first round of eliminations.

Pontiac aficionado Tommy Youmans of McIntyre, Georgia, often gets fans hating on him for cutting up a real GTO Judge, but he’s way too much of a Pontiac enthusiast to do that so when it came time to build this car, he built the chassis to the GTO’s wheelbase and bought replacement body panels, trim parts, and even the reflective Judge stripes  from Classic Industries. Bathed in Carousel Red, Tommy’s Judge packs a Kaufman billet 505ci Pontiac-based powerplant backed by an M&M two–speed Turbo400, boosted by a pair of 98mm Garrett turbochargers, and managed by a FuelTech FT600. Youmans just finished the build around July of this year and it’s fresh off the FuelTech hub dyno and ready for battle in Pro 275.

Aside from the black stack of smoke that emanates from Ryan Milliken’s diesel-powered Chevy Nova, the engine noises it makes are completely out of place for an event like this as it idles quietly and is even rather low-key when at full chat. Mild demeanor aside, Milliken’s Nova steamed to a first -round win this morning in eliminations.

Jamie Hancock put on a spectacular fireworks display in his Firebird last night during the final round of qualifying and whatever pieces of the engine that make have been exiting the bullhorns were not needed during the first round of eliminations, but driver skill surely was as Hancock pedaled his way pas Enzo Pecchini for the round win.

Alan Felts (at right) has had his Mustang for a long time and while he’s had options to build and drive others, they’re just not his car. With help from Jessie Coulter of Jessie’s Garage, Felts has his 1991 Fox-Body Mustang tuned up for X275 competition this weekend and pedaled to a first-round win.