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NOS CrossHair Plate 4-Barrel Professional Plate Offered


NOS CrossHair plate systems are designed with the serious racer in mind and are capable of 350+ horsepower.

Based off of the ever popular Double Cross plate systems, the CrossHair takes the time-tested design and improved it for better distribution of fuel and nitrous. That is especially important with the complex intake manifold designs.

The CrossHair plate system features double-down nitrous bars for improved distribution and atomization, along with new track-tested tune-ups. The CrossHair nitrous plates will give users the power you need, when they need it.

For more information, call 866-464-6553 or visit

(Content courtesy of Holley/NOS)


Mary Lendzion
Mary Lendzion
Formerly a writer at the Detroit Free Press, Mary Lendzion has written for NMCA and NMRA for more than ten years. She's also the director of media and public relations for Summit Motorsports Park, and spends as much time as possible racing her Mustang.