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One FAST Fogger: Induction Solutions Answer For Big LSX Nitrous Power

Written By: Steve Baur | Photography Courtesy of: Induction Solutions

When the LT1 and LS1 engines in the Fourth-Gen Camaro and Firebird cousins hit the market, it wasn’t long before enthusiasts were in need of additional horsepower. And it wasn’t long before nitrous oxide injection became the power adder of choice for these cars. It’s a relatively inexpensive upgrade, and it fits very easily in the tight confines of the Fourth-Gen F-body chassis.

With decades of experience at all levels of nitrous oxide injection in automotive applications, Induction Solutions of Brooksville, Florida, offers a plethora of systems, some of which are simple bolt-on plate kits and others are direct-port systems that are custom built to each intake manifold. Induction Solutions also installs its direct-port systems on stock and aftermarket LS engine-based intake manifolds, and we decided to check out the simple, but detailed installation on a F.A.S.T. LSXR 102 intake manifold.

Custom installations often begin with a phone call between the company and the consumer to discuss various needs, expectations, and any other details. That said, it’s not uncommon for intake manifolds to randomly show up on the shipping dock, though that usually results in a phone call as well.

Whether it’s a carbureted style of intake manifold or a stock LS-style unit, often times Induction Solutions requests that the end user supply a number of other components that help facilitate the plumbing of the manifold.

“If it’s an EFI manifold, we ask for the fuel rails,” says Induction Solutions’ Matt Johnson. “In the LS market, it’s not as critical, but on a carbureted style manifold, we ask for the throttle body/elbow. They sometimes have totally different linkage styles depending on the brand.”

The Induction Solutions single-stage, direct-port system retails for $1,650, and that includes the installation of the system, blueprinting to ensure that each jet and nozzle is flowing what it should be, flow testing of the system and five tuneups in 50hp increments. And, the hallmark of any Induction Solutions system is its tech service—you actually get the owner Steve Johnson’s personal cell phone number to dial up when you need assistance.

Custom installation of the direct-port system takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks, Induction Solutions goes to great lengths to ensure that your nitrous oxide injection system will deliver the results you expect right out of the box.


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