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Palazzolo Rebuilding After Post-Event Motor Vehicle Accident


NMRA VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw points leader Vince Palazzolo, who unfortunately took an early, first-round exit during the 14th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Of Street Legal Drag Racing presented by FST Carburetors, was involved in a motor vehicle accident on his way home from Route 66 Raceway.

The front tire on his tow vehicle vehicle blew out and what happened afterwards happened in a matter of seconds.

“As soon as the tire blew, the truck went 90 degrees to the left, then it hit the dirt and i was able to steer the truck straight again, but the trailer was already going over,” Palazzolo explained. “The chains broke  and the trailer flipped, but the truck stayed upright.”

All passengers were ok, but the trailer and vehicles within were not. The trailer was of a stacker variety and not only held Palazzolo’s Street Outlaw Mustang on the top rack, but also Brian Warcup’s Mustang, which they had picked up in Joliet.

“He waited for 9 months to get it from New Mexico,” Palazzolo said. “Dwayne James built the engine and it had a Hellion turbo system put on it.”

Clover Towing worked quickly to right the trailer, and then even went so far as to hook up its own skid loader’s hydraulics to the trailer to get the hydraulic lift gate to work so they could remove the cars. Keith Rhea drove 7 hours out to pick up Palazzolo’s car, while Travis Andrews, who is local to Palazzolo, picked up Palazzolo’s other trailer and drove out to retrieve Warcup’s Mustang.

Warcup’s Mustang suffered the most damage as it came loose from its straps, while Palazzolo’s car stayed tied down, but came in contact with the trailer.

“With the race car, we have no time to wait, as i’m trying to win a championship and can’t wait on the insurance company,” Palazzolo told us. As for Warcup’s car, it unfortunately looks like it will be totaled.

During the accident recovery, Palazzolo sent photos of the cars to good friend Chris Hare of Fatal Finishes.

“The roof, driver’s side quarter, front fender and bumper and the exhaust all need to be replaced. The other side has some dents and scratches. It was pretty bad, but you tell this to a body guy and they say no problem,” Palazzolo said of his conversation with Hare.

Work has already commenced as you can see from the photos, and Hare said he would have the job wrapped up in two weeks, as he continues to work daily to meet the deadline.