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PRO SYSTEMS Unleashed Its VENOM-VX Carburetor


Pro Systems thought of everything when designing the VENOM-VX starting with the custom CNC-machined billet main body that features relocated boosters. The billet main body’s new shape includes a venturi design that offers improved low speed signal generation. Offset machined air bleeds reduce fuel pull over and stabilize the air, and a revised booster placement offers a much-improved fuel curve, faster shift recovery, quicker throttle response and more consistent operation finish off the improvements.

Additional new features include VENOM II billet metering blocks, adjustable air bleeds, a billet base plate, balanced drag float or tunnel ram floats (10 – 12.5 grams), clear sight glass, stainless steel plate screws, and custom sized needle and seats (.110 – .150).

The Venom VX carburetors are electronically wet-flow calibrated, feature a custom fuel curve for true race or throttle stop/bracket or street use, are live-engine tested, and come with a wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection. Carburetor sizes from 730-1050 cfm are available, and are priced as low as: $720.00/gasoline (780 cfm version) or $790.00/alcohol (E85 or E98), and an options black thermal coating is available for $90.00 more.

For more information, contact Pro Systems at (727) 490-5717 or visit