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Project Pure Evil Goes Quicker with 8.779 at 153.93 mph with NA Coyote


“We did a thing,” said Mike Washington when he updated the Race Pages Digital/Fastest Street Car staff during the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway. The curator and driver of Project Pure Evil managed to run a new best time with the naturally aspirated Coyote combination when he posted an 8.779 at 153.93 mph blast.

The 8.779 drops the car’s previous best of 8.82 as Washington continues to refine the clutch settings. The run wasn’t officially recognized because inclement weather rolled in and ended the round before all the cars completed their runs. However, Washington has the time slip in his glove box and backed it up with several runs in the low 8.80s.

This past winter the resident project car received major chassis and drivetrain upgrades to push further into the 8-second zone. First on the list was the front and rear suspension—a Team Z Motorsports Outlaw K-member and A-Arm front suspension were added to get more weight off the front and tuck the fancy new Bogart D-10 wheels under the body more. In the back, EB Custom Works replaced the upper and lower torque boxes with Team Z Motorsport components and control arms.

The 8.8-inch rear housing was ditched in favor of a Strange Engineering Ultra Fab 9-inch, offering stronger components to eliminate deflection and offer more rear gear ratios. It was filled with gun-drilled 40-spline axles and Ultra Case center section. The rear housing was narrowed slightly, again helping tuck the Bogart wheels under the car. It has a more aggressive stance and a wide-variety of adjustments in order to get the Mickey Thompson 26×10 tires to hook better.

The same G-Force Racing Transmissions G-101A four-speed manual transmission sits between the framerails, however a new clutch and can were bolted in. A Black Magic Long-style clutch was slipped into a Quick Time bell-housing, offering significantly more adjustment. In just two trips to the track the results are immediately realized, as the clutch doesn’t hit as hard as the diaphragm clutch from 2018. The softer, less violent initial hit has enabled Washington get the car to leave the starting line smoother. An inspection window in the Quick Time bell housing enables the team to make clutch adjustments easier.

Under the hood sits a brand-new JPC/RGR Coyote engine—known as PE-2—that checks in at 339ci thanks to a big-bore engine block and a slight stroke on a custom crankshaft. A set of Oliver billet rods swing off the steel crankshaft while Diamond custom pistons percolate at a robust 17:1 compression. A Moroso Coyote drag pan was bolted to bottom of the factory Coyote block. A new pair of GT350 cylinder heads was ported and the factory valves re-used, PAC springs, and custom cams from COMP. Topping the potent stroker engine is a ported Cobra Jet intake, Ford Performance Cobra Jet throttle body and a custom inlet pipe from EB Custom Works.

Armed with an AEM Infinity engine management system, Eric Holliday of JPC Racing tuned the beast to a jaw-dropping 744rwhp! This year, the engine is run exclusively on VP Racing Fuels Q16 gasoline.

The team is confident there is more left in the combination after analyzing the data. However, it doesn’t take a Pro Stock crew chief to realize that the extreme temperatures of the summer means we will have to wait until the cool crisp Fall air to improve both ends of the NA Coyote record.

Editor’s Note: Washington informed us that Pure Evil also snagged another “micro-record” as the quickest stick-shift/Coyote combo of any kind–including twin turbo setups. Officially, we prefer calling it Quickest NA Coyote.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.