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PureEvil Project Car Update—Moroso Has Us Covered!


By now you’ve read about how #PureEvil has been knocking on the 8-second door within a handful of outings <HERE>. We’ve been showcases different aspects of the engine build with mini stories each step of the way, before doing a complete engine build article in an upcoming issue of Fastest Street Car Magazine. This month we are checking out the oil pan that we used for #PureEvil and it is a regular off-the-shelf item that anyone can buy. We called our friends at Moroso to procure one of their aluminum pans (P/N 20571).

Always measure the oil pick up tube and oil pan clearance. Also note, the Moroso pan accepts the factory windage tray.

The pan itself is the typical high-quality piece that we’ve used on countless other engine projects over the years. This pan is fits on any Coyote engine, something to note is that we employ a GT350 engine block and the pan works fits perfectly. The side note is that we used a regular Coyote pick-up from Moroso in order to mate with a Coyote oil pump gear setup from Triangle Speed Shop.

We used a Triangle Speed Shop oil pump gear set and Coyote oil pump assembly, which works with the Moroso pick up tube.

The oil pan has some unique features the Moroso pan are billet steel rails and thick steel ones for a firm and solid mount against the block. The factory windage tray works with the pan and it features a race-proven track door assembly and anti-slosh baffle to keep oil contained in oil pump pick up area during road racing or drag racing. The pan also holds two more quarts oil than the factory one. Moroso also incorporates 1/2-inch NPT fitting for those who wish to run a supercharger and a separate 1/2-inch NPT oil temperature sender port. There are also provisions to fit the 20mm factory oil level sensor so you don’t keep getting a warning light on your dashboard, if using as a factory replacement pan.

Keep your eyes pealed for more build stories on #PureEvil as we seek the 8s in naturally aspirated trim.


Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.