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Ron Belcher to Pack a ProCharger Punch in 2018 Edelbrock Xtreme Street


Ron Belcher, the man from Lexington, Kentucky, known for having a sleek, nitrous-huffing C6 Corvette, has got big new plans for his 2018 racing season – he’s currently working with Rodney Massengale at RPM Transmissions to have his Corvette swapped over to a boosted setup instead of his former nitrous one.

Belcher’s still sticking with a similar bullet, a 440ci LSX engine comprised of an aluminum block and Chevrolet Performance DR heads, built by Tony Bischoff and the team at BES Racing Engines.

“Ron runs a heating and cooling business [Advantage Air Mech.] and wanted to do a turbo build, but it’s too complicated for him to still be able to race part-time. Nitrous is hard on parts and he went through three or four motors in the last two years,” noted Massengale, who fessed up that Belcher will be powered by a ProCharger for 2018 instead. “He thinks the ProCharger will be faster and more dependable, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Specifically, a ProCharger F-1A-94 blower will be the crowning glory of the new combination, although the guys haven’t decided yet if the Corvette will run on gas or alcohol. Of course, the Powerglide transmission was supplied by RPM themselves. Additionally, RPM will tune the Holley EFI system in-house to ensure the killer setup is as potent as possible, while Kenny Johnson will take the reins as the primary crewman.

The build is still in progress, but Massengale was able to share that the independent rear suspension-equipped C6 will feature AFCO shocks on all four corners along with a 9” rear end and a host of TRZ Motorsports suspension components up front.

Plans are to have Belcher run his new ProCharger powered maroon machine in both Edelbrock Xtreme Street and Holley EFI Real Street trim for the 2018 NMCA and Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series season.

Ainsley Jacobs
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