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Shop Tour—Vengeance Racing Builds the Baddest GMs in the Nation

Located a short drive north of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia, Vengeance Racing is owned by mastermind Ron Mowen.

Written by Ainsley Jacobs
Photos by Ainsley Jacobs

Vengeance Racing (VR) has long been associated with building some of the quickest and fastest GM-based street cars, and we recently had the opportunity to take a tour of the shop, which offers late-model vehicle performance parts, performs installations, and provides tuning for GM performance vehicles. The company has amassed an impressive vehicular reputation for producing top-quality, high-horsepower Corvettes, Camaros, and other cars, with customers enjoying the newfound performance on the street, the drag strip, and standing half-mile and mile competitions.

In business since 2006, the impressive facility spans a whopping 12,250 square-foot and visitors are welcomed by a tastefully appointed lounge complete with swanky sofas and video entertainment on a big screen TV.
Tucked behind the reception area are Vengeance Racing’s main offices, where Mowen works his magic while the sales staff and tuning team are also busy with the day-to-day operations needed to run a shop.
Passing through the next set of doors reveals Vengeance Racing’s small parts room, which also serves as an engine assembly area. A vast inventory of componentry from top manufacturers is always in stock to ensure quick turnaround times for projects of all performance levels.
VR partnered with Late Model Engines to handle all of the machine work on the high-performance engines that end up at the shop, but Vengeance does the heads and cams in-house plus finish assembly of the complete long blocks.
Vengeance Racing’s parts inventory is a carefully organized cacophony of car parts. When a customer places a deposit for work to be done, everything needed to get it done goes on a shelf along with an itemized build sheet so that when they’re ready to drop off their car, Vengeance is ready to roll right away. The team prides itself on turning cars around quicker than most other shops in the country and can put together a 1,000-horsepower car in less than two weeks thanks to strategical scheduling and precise planning.
The parts inventory also includes all of Vengeance Racing’s private label items, including valve covers and catch cans, and also acts as a storage location for CNC-ported cylinder heads for every GM LT and LS engine along with an assortment of CNC-ported blowers.
In the main production shop, which occupies approximately 5,000 square feet of the total location’s layout, seven rotary lifts are always full of high-performance vehicles. This is where the majority of Vengeance Racing’s service work takes place, including head and cam upgrades, turbocharger, supercharger, and nitrous installations, bolt-on performance upgrades, and even complete turn-key packages.
Whether it’s a Magnusson supercharger package or simply a built differential, typical turnaround time for a car lucky enough to find itself in Vengeance Racing’s hands is generally less than two weeks. The majority of the work the shop does is dual-duty, so street driven cars that can run the quarter-mile in 8-seconds at 160+ mph need to also be durable and reliable—a challenge that Vengeance Racing takes seriously.
From supercharged and street-driven C6 Z06 Corvettes pumping out 1,000+ wheel horsepower to twin-turbocharged killer Camaros and more, Vengeance Racing is constantly producing impressive builds that lay down impressive numbers on the drag strip as well as on the road course. With Atlanta Dragway and Road Atlanta both within an hour’s drive, it’s not surprising to find some of Vengeance Racing’s latest and greatest out for some shakedown runs on any given day.
Adjacent to the main garage is Vengeance Racing’s in-house race shop complete with both a DynoJet 224X-LC chassis dynamometer for street car tuning up to 2,000 horsepower, as well as a Dynocom Industries hub dyno for racecar applications along with three additional rotary lifts. Here, VR breathes new life into street cars as they transition into purpose-built track vehicles. Vengeance Racing not only builds and fabricates full-blown racecars, but also offers trackside support for a complete concierge service from start to finish.
The fun extends to the parking lot as well, as Vengeance Racing recently started developing a twin-turbo system for the new C8 Corvette. The shop has kept the boosted build a bit hush-hush so far, as Mowen prefers to get the car driven and heat-cycled to see what needs attention before going public with results, but he did mention that Vengeance is working with another company on a MoTeC solution to be able to tune the eye-catching Chevy. An engine program will be coming out shortly so that it can receive a host of forged internals as well as an upgraded fuel system in preparation for the standalone EMS installation.

Ainsley Jacobs
Ainsley Jacobs
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