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Show & Go—On the hunt for horsepower at the aftermarket’s showcase event of the year — the SEMA Show

While there is plenty of flashy paint and shiny chrome on the show floor, Chevrolet Performance knows the way to our hearts. The Bow Tie hot-rodders debut the COPO Camaro John Force Concept in Vegas. It features an X on the bumper to celebrated the famed racer’s 10 championships, and it stands as its own vehicle outside of the 69 COPO Camaro race cars set for sale. We sure would love to see this machine blasting down the quarter mile at next year’s COPO Shootout!

For those on the NMRA and NMCA team, the year is really broken up into two seasons — race season and trade-show season. The kick-off to that second season is the biggest automotive aftermarket trade show in the nation — the Specialty Equipment Market Association show. Know simply as the SEMA Show, this gather unites manufacturers of every imaginable aftermarket manufacturer at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Filling the 1.2 million square feet in and around the convention center, the show features displays from over 3,000 new products, 2,400 exhibitors, and 1,500 show vehicles. If you think that sounds overwhelming, it can definitely be just that. If you love all things automotive, there is everything you can imagine on display.

It is easy to get distracted by all the glitz and glamour at the show, but we are obviously on a specific mission. We were there on the hunt for domestic vehicle performance gear with a slant toward street/strip performance. While the flashy stuff gets most of the attention from the horde of media there covering the goings on, there was definitely plenty of performance to be had — including two new drag vehicle debuts from Chevrolet and Dodge // Mopar.

As you will see here, there was much more on hand in terms of performance, and next up for our trade show season is the show that is nearest and dearest to our hearts — the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, Indiana, which also plays host to our NMRA and NMCA Awards Ceremonies, so look out for more on those events in these pages. Until then, check out all the cool stuff we spotted in Vegas…

Not to be outdone, the crew at Dodge // Mopar had a special debut of their own during the first day of the show — a fourth-generation of the race-only Mopar Dodge Challenger DragPak, which is engineered to “compete in sportsman classes in events sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association and National Muscle Car Association.” Limited to 50 serialized units, this DragPak features retro styling and is powered by a supercharged, 354 cubic-inch HEMI V8 supported by a T400 three-speed trans, Racetech seats, and a lightweight wheel and tire package. It will be fun to see this one run in the Holley EFI Factory Super Cars class.
While not a factory Ford product, there was a big-power Mustang breaking cover in the Ford display at SEMA as well. Inspired by the drag version of the original Cobra, the 2020 Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake pumps up the latest halo Mustang to 800 horsepower and maximizes its grip and straight-line acceleration. The power comes courtesy of a revised calibration, high-flow catalytic converters, lightweight windows, and more.
Flying the flag for flex-fuel conversions, Advanced Fuel Dynamics showed of a system designed to easily bring that automatic move to higher ethanol fuels to those running Holley EFI D EFI. The ProFlex Direct DF flex fuel kit for Holley Dominator ECU delivers ethanol content data to the Holley system, which enables it to easily use the flex-fuel mapping available in the Holley software.
Not only did Aeromotive take home a SEMA New Products award for its Variable Speed 5.0-gpm Brushless Fuel Pump. However, the new piece of kit that caught our eye is aimed at the burgeoning Hellcat engine-swap market. The fuel system specialists debuted a new vehicle-specific fuel tank kit that features a 525-lph fuel pump fitted with the company’s Phantom baffle, this setup will feed up to 900 horsepower.
Known for its CNC-ported cylinder heads, AFR introduced a new line of as-cast aluminum cylinder heads for Ford and Chevrolet engines — the Renegade Econo SBF Cylinder Head and Eliminator Econo SBC Cylinder Head. These designs feature standard valve angles and the same supporting hardware as their ported cousins, including adjustable guide plates, ARP studs, PAC racing springs, and bronze guides.
Not wasting any time in developing lightweight parts for the latest performance machines, Anderson Composites showed off a full line of carbon-fiber bits for the latest halo Mustang, some of which are available exclusively via Ford Performance. Anderson offers the carbon Gurnery flap, hood, rear diffuser, rear spoiler rocker panels, side splitters, and wicker splitters. Meanwhile you can round out the package with the carbon, bumper cover, chin splitter, decklid panel, and hood vent from Ford Performance.
Both sponsors of the Arrington Performance HEMI Quick 8 Presented by Red Line Oil teamed up to show off wild new project vehicle, that quickly earned a golden ticket to compete in the 2019 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Aptly dubbed “Outrage,” this Arrington-built 1984 Dodge Rampage is powered by a 650-horsepower, Borla-stacked injected HEMI 392 backed by a Mendiola five-speed manual transmission. The car rides on a modified Factory Five GTM chassis augmented by Baer brakes, BFGoodrich rubber, Forgeline EX1 wheels, and QA1 Mod shocks.
Among a host of new bits from ATI Performance Products, the company showed of the first of a series of improvements developed for the GM 8L90 transmission. Among that hardware is the rugged input shaft seen here as well as a replacement filter and and an overhaul kit.
Going back to the future for some of its latest gear, Baer Brakes showed off its new Classic Series front and rear brake kits. Designed to resemble the brakes that the company was founded up, these stoppers are made for vehicles with small-diameter wheels. The include the familiar red calipers, stainless hoses, slotted rotors, and the front kits start at just $695.
For those who have big-power street/strip machines and want factory-style light clutch-pedal effort, Centerforce developed its new Solid Street Twin clutch. Featuring organic friction materials, 10.4-inch discs, a billet flywheel and more. It is said to easily harness anywhere from 500 to 925 lb-ft of torque.
While the John Force signature COPO obviously attracted our attention, the Chevrolet display was chock full of performance hardware, including these boost-friendly LSX-SC cylinder heads. Designed to withstand high boost pressure and performance exceeding 1,400 horsepower, they are a low-pressure casting that is fortified using a Hot Isotopic Pressing technique said to optimize the properties of the aluminum alloy. Compatible with the LSX architecture, they sport 68cc combustion chambers, 277cc intake ports, and 99cc exhaust ports.
The HEMI platform responds well to mods, and that is exemplified by COMP Cams’ line of HRT cams for 5.7 and 6.4 HEMI engines. Designed with the company’s low-shock technology for high-rpm stability and treated with its Micro Surface Enhancement these cams are available in three stages and as part of complete kits. The kits include the camshaft, phaser limiter, pushrods, springs, chrome-moly steel retainers, valve locks, spring seats and valve seals. Drop-in lifters are optional, and the Stage 3 kit delivers gains of well over 100 horsepower.
In addition to showing off its ready-to-ship crate rearends, Currie Enterprises highlighted its Currie Light9 Drag Housing. This rugged take on the Ford 9-inch is based on a lightweight, fabricated chrome-moly housing with windowed internal bulkheads and .188-wall chrome moly tubes. Thirty percent lighter than a standard fabricated housing, it is compatible with all 9-inch gear cases and gear sets up to 10 inches in diameter.
No available is the DW440 fuel pump from DeatschWerks. Paired with a controller, this small, in-tank unit delivers the durability and scalability of brushless fuel pump tech, while pumping out up to 440 liters per house at 40 psi. It is also compatible with all fuels, including methanol.
Among a number of new slugs in the Diamond arsenal are these Competition Series Modular Ford pistons. The full-round forgings are built to withstand elevated performance levels and are available in several compression heights for Ford’s Two- and Three-Valve 4.6-liter engines.
If you want more traction from your Shelby GT500 in the corners or on the drag strip, DSC Sport’s new plug ’n play V4 Controller for Shelby Mustang GT500 allows drives to recalibrate the MagneRide dampers for improved performance. The unit also allows tapping into the CAM-bus for G-force, Braking, Acceleration, Speed, Shock Calibration, and Velocity data.
TVS supercharger technology is definitely having a moment, as evidenced by the performance showcased in the EATON TVS Supercharger Throwdown class. At the SEMA Show, the company’s wall of boost showed just how popular its 2.65-liter rotor packs are, as they are found in everything from the latest Shelby GT500 to numerous aftermarket supercharger systems.
Pistons are the name of the game for D.S.S. and the company expanded its lineup with its new FX line tailored toward boosted and nitrous-injected engines. Featuring the company’s ring-seal enhancing X-groove technology, they are loaded with performance features like precision-honed pin bores, forced pin oiling, diamond-turned skirts, and more. They are available in 4032 or 2618 alloys.
Organic clutches seemed to be popular at this year’s show. Along those lines, Exedy showed off its Street Racing Series Twin Organic Racing Clutch for 2011-2017 Mustang GTs. These units deliver plenty of torque capacity with half the engagement effort of clutches with more aggressive materials.
The Four-Valve heads atop Ford’s Coyote 5.0-liter engines are a big part of the platform’s performance. If you are pushing it harder with big boost or RPM, the valvetrain will need some help. Ferrea developed its Competition Plus-series valve designed for power-adder applications. And, the company offers a drop-in valvespring kit with dual springs and titanium retainers so you can safely push the rpm higher.
Among a host of new gear from EFI specialists, the Ultimate LS Tri-Power EFI System stood out for its mix of classic style and modern performance. Obviously designed for the LS platform, this six-pack setup features three two-barrel throttle bodies plus the necessary injectors, fuel rails, and sensors needed to get it up running. The included computer offers sequential fuel and spark controls plus it will take car of the transmission control as well.
Bringing modern steering technology to classic vehicles, Flaming River showed off its MicroSteer setup. This complete system delivers Electronic Power Assist Steering in kit form, including a motor, potentiometer, controller, and wiring harness. The included Microsteer Tuning Box allows drivers to adjust the amount of assistance steering assistance with the turn of a knob.
Those in need of an easy, affordable way to control an electric fan have a solution in the form of Flex-a-lite’s Compact Adjustable Electric Fan Kit With Relay. It includes everything you need to wire up and actuate an electric fan and it works with push-in or thread in temperature probes.
Beadlocks are all the rage and Forgestar has them covered for the street and strip with its 15- and 17-inch D6 Drag Wheels. Said to be the first rotary-formed headlock drag wheels, the D6s offer higher load ratings while reducing weight, which makes them ideal for heavier trucks and SUVs. For those not into beadlocks, they are available without them as well.
For engines ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 liters in displacement, Garrett developed this G-Series G35-1050 turbocharger. Delivering up to 1,050 horsepower in a compact package, it benefitted from aerodynamics technology to deliver responsive boost and enhanced reliability. These units are offered in standard and reverse-rotation configurations.
Even in 2019 there are new carburetors! In fact FST showed off a new line of high-end billet carburetors. Based on a CNC-machined main body for more airflow, Billet X-treme Pro carbs offer two or three circuits for enhanced tuning capability.
If you are looking for a piece of induction jewelry for your LS engine, Granatelli Motorsports created this billet beauty. It features a removable lid and swappable runner stacks so you can tune the flow characteristics to suit your engine’s mission and capabilities.
Pushing hard to expand its line of a boost-makers, Hamburger Superchargers is set to release a kit for the latest, Gen3 Coyote-powered pony cars. The company’s 2018-2020 Mustang Supercharger Kit promises to elevate the output these cars to an even 700 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque. The company says the boost delivery is really suited for the Mustang and delivers “impressive performance and acceleration.”
Speaking of superchargers for new Mustangs, Harrop Performance also offers a system for modern Mustangs. Based on the proven EATON 2.65-liter TVS rotors, these kits fit 2015-2018 and 2018-2019 Mustang GTs and promise to elevate peak output to 610 horsepower and 507 lb-ft from 8 pounds of boost. It includes a dual-pass air-to-water intercooler and is said to support up to 1,100 horsepower depending on the pulley setup.
The latest twin-turbo system from the crew at Hellion Power Systems is for the 2006-2019 V8 Hemi-powered Challengers, Chargers, 300C and Magnum vehicles. The new Hellion Sleeper system includes Dual Turbosmart Comp-Gate 45 wastegates, a TurboSmart Race Port blow-off valve, a sheetmetal intercooler, and two 62mm turbos. This bolt-on setup is said to support up to and beyond 2,000 horsepower.
With a massive array of products on display, one that stood out on the Holley stand was this new EFI Hi-Ram manifold for 8.2-deck small-block Fords. The company’s engineers designed the intakes water crossover to allow plenty of room to adjust your distributor. It features a removable lid so you can run a front- or stock-location side-mount throttle body and looks to be a great choice for a Blue Oval drag racing combo.
For those looking to shed a few pony car pounds from their modern racer, IDIDIT Performance showed off its Pro-Fab Mustang 2015-2020 Lightweight Steering Column. A direct bolt-in for 2015-2020 Mustangs, it can shave off as many as 16 pounds.
As enthusiasts continue to push the HEMI engine platform to even higher levels of performance bolstering the internal parts becomes key. JE is there for Mopar power fiends with its Hemi Pistons for 6.2 Hellcat, 6.2 Demon, and 6.4 Apache engines. Forged from 2618 aluminum these stout slugs are machines with accumulator groves and slathered in the company’s Perfect Skirt coating, which is said to enhance piston performance with high boost and rpm.
In addition to showing off its new headers for the new Corvette and Shelby GT500, Kooks also display the latest version of the its Coyote-swap headers for Fox Mustangs. It is designed for better fitment and works specifically with the Maximum Motorsports K-member to make this engine swap even easier. These stainless steel 1 3/4×3-inch long-tubes are compatible with automatic- and manual-transmission combos.
Chevy fans looking to drop-in a built engine with big power, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering offers this Eliminator Series LS7 crate engine. Based on a GM LS7 block, it is filled with a Callies Dragonslayer crankshaft, robust Lingenfelter internals, and topped with Lingenfelter ported LS7 heads. All told it is said to deliver 800 horsepower.
In addition to expanding the coverage of its MyCalibrator tuner and its line of HEMI performance hardware, including cams and ported heads. However, the company was way ahead of the curve on tuning up the 2020 Shelby GT500 with its new Billet Interchangeable Supercharger Pulleys allow for easily turning up the boost on the factory 2.65-liter blower. The two-piece pulley is machined from high-grade steel and includes stainless steel hardware to retain the pulley.
Turning to one of its partners to highlight its supercharger technology, Magnuson Performance hosted VMP Performance’s Track Attack 2017 Mustang GT project car. The car made its second appearance at the show, and showcased the latest VMP Gen3R supercharger systems for 2007-2014 Shelby GT500s and 2015-2017 Mustang GTs. These blower are good for in excess of 1,200 horsepower and come as complete kits right down to the dual-fan intercooler and fuel pump booster.
Throwing a bunch of boost or nitrous at an LS is a quick way to making big power, but beyond a certain point your engine will need stouter slugs. As such, MAHLE Motorsports developed these LS 5.3-liter Drop-In Forged Replacement pistons. Forged from a 4032 alloy, they wear a GRAFAL skirt coating and include a pins, clips, and a performance ring set.
From moving FTI’s automatic transmissions under its umbrella to creating a Trenec six-speed tailor-made for F-body LS swaps, McLeod Racing had plenty to offer at the show. For modern Ford drag racers, the company now has an aluminum SFI 6.1 Spun Aluminum bellhousing for 4.6-liter modular engines and 5.0-liter Coyote 5.0-liter engines. This lightweight bell also features an inspection shield and a TMS inner liner.
To complement its line of Sportsman S/R radial tires for classic hot rods, Mickey Thompson now offers new ultra-wide rear sizing and a companion front-runner size that hits the market in early 2020.
Servicing the burgeoning Hellcat engine swap craze, Milodon developed this 8-quart oil pan designed to fit Jeeps and other rear-sump chassis. It is compatible with tubular K-member and rack-and-pinion steering, and features both horizontal and trap-door baffles to ensure the oil pump pickup stays fed under high-g cornering or aggressive launches.
For those hitting the car NMRA or NMCA car shows or anyone that want to protect the shine on their ride, Mothers rolled out a full line of CMX ceramic products, including  its CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat, which is designed to remove imperfections on coated and enacted surfaces while priming the surface to receive a slippery ceramic coating. Other new members of the CMX family are a car wash, surface prep, and trim coating.
If the powerful factory Hellcat doesn’t deliver enough power, Nitrous Express offers an easy upgrade to bolt on up to 300 additional horsepower. Its Billet Supercharger Lid for Hellcat/Demon hits the blower discharge air with the spray via ports CNC machined into the lid, which enhances even distributions. And, if you don’t want to use nitrous, you can also use the lid with on of NX’s Snow water-meth systems to cool the boost.
Most racers run a turbo inlet wide open to promote maximum airflow, but that can allow debris to enter the turbo, which force-feeds it into the engine. NGR Performance offers this clean solution to offer protection and flow — NGR Turbo Filter (Drag Edition). It features a one-piece design with an interchangeable cap, and it’s been pressure tested up to 200 psi.
If burnt wires are plaguing your high-output LS engine, PerTronix developed these MAGX2 GM LS Engine Ceramic Boot wires. Featuring ceramic boots durable enough to survive 2,000 degrees and silicone wires ready to withstand 600 degrees, this wire are ready for the hottest environments. These 8mm wires are also ready to deliver maximum spark energy to the plugs thanks to a low, 500-ohm-per-foot resistance.
Running powerful ignition systems, high-volume cooling fans, and high-flow fuel pumps puts a strain on a car’s electrical system. For owned of 2014-2017 Corvettes with 6.2 engines, Powermaster created its HPR Large Frame alternators that deliver as much as 180 amps at idle and bolts into the factory brackets.
It’s hard to think of four-digit power as “entry-level,” but for real-world racers, Precision Turbo offer its new Entry-Level Sportsman PT7675 Turbocharger. Designed to support 1,200 horsepower, this unit is anchored by a 76mm machined-from-solid compressor wheel and a 75mm turbine wheel, but supported by a 360-degree hydrodynamic bearing system.
The ProCharger booth was abuzz after the company’s display Challenger was stolen and recovered in Las Vegas. The company decided to put the damaged car in its booth and garnered a lot of press in the process. That shouldn’t overshadow some of the new boost-makers breaking cover at the show, however. That includes the new F-3X-140, which has propelled radial racers to mid-3-second ETs and promises to support over 3,500 horsepower.
Continuing to expand its innovative line of space-saving radiator upgrades, ProForm introduced its Universal Slim-Fit Radiator System with 23-inch Hybrid Core. The Slim-Fit design tucks the fan motor into the core for increased clearance and this one features a 4-inch core, shroud, and fan capable of cooling big- and small-block applications.
For owners of 1964-1973 Ford Mustangs looking for better suspension performance, QA1 now offers a full line of coilover shocks for these machines. Not only offering adjustable ride height, they also offer adjustable damping from four targeted variations. You can choose non-adjustable dampers for everyday cruising, single-adjustables for improved handling, single-adjustable R-series for drag racing, and full adjustability for autocross and drag competition from the double-adjustable versions.
In addition to its full line of suspension upgrades, Ridetech also offers its innovative R-Joint rod ends, which the company uses in its parts. These low-friction units offer full articulation, 30 degrees of lateral rotation, and quiet operation. They deliver this performance courtesy of a RTX10 composite cage, a spring-loaded enclosure, a 17-4 stainless steel housing, and a stainless steel ball. The company says they are rugged and superior to other bushing materials, including Delrin, metal, polyurethane, and rubber.
NMRA Super Stang sponsor Roush Performance not only highlighted its performance parts upgrades, including the RoushCharger TVS supercharger, the company also debuted a new vehicle. Dubbed the 2020 Jack Roush Edition Mustang, only 70 examples of this 775-horsepower stallion are destined for creation. Sporting a 2.65-liter RoushCharger underwood and a unique group of body upgrades highlighted by gloss black grilles, the Jack Roush Edition features an adjustable active exhaust system and a Roush-tuned MagneRide calibration designed to plant its GT500-exceeding power.
With a Corvette eye-catcher taking center stage in its both, Royal Purple showcased its line of HPS oils. The acronym stands for High-Performance Street, and these synthetic oils are fortified with zinc and phosphorus to offer impressive levels of film anti-wear elements, strength, shear stability, viscosity index rating, all of which help them meet the demands of modified high-performance engines.
To better serve the diesel market, SCT Performance expanded its tuning Advantage tuning software to include the Cummins platform. It offers all the control familiar to other platforms, and supports LiveLink datalogging. Calibrations can be flashed using the company’s BDX handheld tuner.
Expanding its horizons to address the red-hot Hemi market, Scoggin Dickey Parts Center will soon offer built Hemi engines, including this SDPC Gen III Hemi 401 Short-Block. Built for boost from the foundation of a fresh Mopar iron block, it is filled with custom, 4.1-inch-bore SDPC forged pistons with a -10.8cc dish. A Scat crankshaft and Callies Ultra Billet rods round out the fortified internals. These engine may be ordered with a variety displacements, strokes and compression ratios.
Those running a GM 4L60, 4L65, or 4L70E automatic transmission in a performance environment might just need some more robust internals. As such, Sonnax developed this universal-fit HD reaction shaft. Built from high-strength, chrome-moly steel this piece is made to resist the spline-twist common on stock units in hi-po environments.
The 2.0-liter turbo available in the 2016-2018 Camaro can deliver some potent output, and eventually the stock clutch might not be up to snuff. That’s why SPEC created this all-billet Super Twin clutch and flywheel assembly. This rebuildable unit is designed to hold up to 1,150 lb-ft, and can be had with organic materials that deliver stock-style driveability and enough clamping force to corral 730 lb-ft.
All the best hardware in the world won’t get the job done if you don’t have top-notch plumbing to connect the dots. For the most intense environments, Fragola developed its Race-Rite hose line. The standard version features a PTFE core to resist fuel permeation and will hold to a wide range of temperatures from -65 to 500 degrees. These hoses are 60 percent lighter than standard nylon hoses. The Race Rite Pro features a spiral-would interior or resist collapse. Both are compatible with all fluids and the company’s Race-Rite crimp-on hose ends.
Whether you are racing or displaying at the car show, you need to have a fire extinguisher on hand in case the unexpected happens. The Bracketeer makes it easy to safely mount one in your car so it is always at the ready. Its universal design provides 30 possible mounting points to attach the bracket to you passenger seat mount and is compatible with most clamping loops supplied with extinguishers.
If you are racing in a class that won’t allow gas-ported pistons to improve ring seal, Total Seal has a clever workaround in the form of its gas-ported piston rings. Available in conventional or gapless versions, these rings are machined with “strategically sized and placed horizontal slots” that route combustion pressure to the groove behind the ring, which pushes the ring out for improved sealing.
Expanding its line of cathedral-port heads for LS engines, Trick Flow showed off these GenX 280 Cylinder Heads for the platform. Featuring competition-ported runners and premium surface finishes for improve airflow. The heads feature optimized valve ages to improve mid-lift flow and rocker clearance. The latest versions, as their name would intimate, feature huge 280cc runner volumes.
The control offered by wastegates allows dialing in performance, but consistency can be an issue. Thanks to Turbosmart’s new Gen-V e-WG60 electronic wastegate, the installation is simpler and the adjustments are completely electronic via laptop. These ’gates don’t need CO2, boost hoses, springs, or solenoids.
There are few parts more popular than Ford’s 9-inch rearend. For those wanting stronger, quieter performance from 9-inch gear sets, US Gear created its STEALTH Series gears that deliver a wider more consistent pattern, improved tooth content, and more resulting from he company’s advanced gear-cutting technology.
Proven on Kynon Dinkel’s NHRA Top Sportsman racer, this new Vortech V30 123A supercharger is capable of supporting producing 4,000 cfm and supporting over 2,800 cfm with 83-percent efficiency. At the show, the company displayed a billet bracket for big-block Chevy engines, but more engine brackets are in the offing.
As we said, beadlocks are hot. Not just for tire security on the drag strip, but for style on the street. Weld Racing knows about both, and the company displayed these fetching WELD S71 Beadlock wheels on none other than former pro wrestler Bill Goldberg’s Challenger. Created from billet center sections and cold-forged rims, these wheels are ideal for clearing the big brakes on today’s modern muscle cars. They are available in 15- and 17-inch diameters — beadlocks are only available on the 17s — and widths ranging from 9 to 12 inches.
If you install a brake system without an integral parking brake, a supplementary stopper might be in order. One that makes adding that feature easy is Wilwood’s new electric parking brake caliper. It provides 2,400 pounds of clamping force but draws no current after it is engaged. Just bolt it on, wire it up and your ride will stay put when you leave it parked.
With all the power-boosting gear offered for modern Hemi engines, a performance clutch will eventually be necessary to harness all that thrust. Designed to hold more than 1,300 lb-ft of torque, X-Clutch’s triple-disc units for the 2009-2019 Dodge Challenger are made up of a lightweight pressure plate, three organic friction discs, a performance flywheels, and all the necessary installation bits. They are said to offer streetable characteristics. The company also debut a twin-disc organic unit for 2018-2020 Mustang GTs that will corral up to 960 lb-ft of torque.
For small-block Chevy fans, Dart created its Little M2 Small-Block Chevy block. This rugged unit accepts traditional parts while delivering priority main oiling; a center lifter crossover for improved lifter lubrication; enlarged lifter bosses enabling larger sizes and offsets; billet four-bolt main caps, and blind head-bolt holes that keep the coolant isolated.