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Silver Metal—ProCharger celebrated its 25th anniversary with a test and tune day for dealers and media

ProCharger gathered a wide variety of boosted muscle machines to show off its wares to the media. The company estimated that there was over 25,000 total horsepower on display for its dealer and media event in Sonoma. That is our kind of party.

By Steve Turner

Photography courtesy of ProCharger

A gentle rain dampens the track as a bright yellow Camaro attacks the corners at speed. Joining the sound of water flinging off the tires is the whoosh of boost under the hood as the driver squeezes on the loud pedal out of the turn. Under that hood a ProCharger is pushing the LS powerplant to over 650 horsepower.

As the car finishes its lap and idles through the pits, there are a host of ProCharger displays and vehicles lining its path. The door opens and ProMedia President and CEO Steve Wolcott hops out of the seat with a beaming smile on his face. “Always fun,” he enthused. “Great time.”

While the weather put a damper on quarter-mile passes, the ProCharger team offered up rides in a number of its supercharged machines. Among them was a 2018 Mustang fitted with a street-legal ProCharger Stage II system pounding out over 775 horsepower. Likewise attendees were able to enjoy a 2016 Camaro SS equipped with a street-legal ProCharger HO system cranking out over 650 horsepower.

Any time you get to ride in a supercharged machine is cause for celebration, but for ProCharger, this was a special time. The company invited a select group of media out to Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California, for a fun-filled day to experience boost in a variety of vehicles fitted with its vaunted supercharger systems to help mark a significant anniversary. The original plan included ridealongs on the road course and drag strip, along with an opportunity for participants to drive their own cars on the drag strip.

“Achieving a 25th anniversary milestone is as big deal for any company especially in the automotive aftermarket space.  With regards to racing products, ProCharger racers has won over 100 national championships in the last 15 years, which has proven ProCharger racing products continue to be the dominant leader on the racetrack,” David Turner, Marketing Director at ProCharger, said. “With regards to street applications, cars have become increasingly complicated and have really improved in overall stock performance, but ProCharger has risen to the challenge of delivering more power than any other power adder choice. Essentially all of our street systems and kits deliver at least a 40-percent horsepower increase, which is no easy feat considering the higher horsepower numbers vehicles are coming with off the showroom floor. Most OEM V6 engines deliver higher horsepower today than OEM V8s only 15 years ago, which is pretty amazing.”

Door cars were the only machines on display. Bobby Ray McMahan brought his Top Dragster up from Sacramento for the event. It is powered by an F-3R-139-boosted big-block Chevy.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate for the eighth-mile drag runs, which are so near an dear to our hearts here, but our own Mr. Wolcott was able to experience the fun of riding in boosted machines on the slick, hilly Sonoma road course.

“At ProCharger, we are continually testing our products in extreme conditions such as on-track performance, and we thought it would be great to include members of the media to our event at Sonoma Raceway,” Turner explained. “We have also ramped up our efforts in achieving 50-state-legal certification for the majority of our street supercharger systems and thought California would be the ideal setting for the event.”

Even though the drag portion of the program washed out, we still were able to check out some impressive quarter-mile hardware as part of the program. Built by Wade Ramsey in Yuba City, California, Jerry Jahnsen’s ’55 Chevy rocks a ProLine 481X boosted by a ProCharger F-3X-140. All told it delivers over 3,200 horsepower. Another four-digit machine on display was Jermaine Bodie Jr.’s ’68 Camaro. Constructed by FabTech Custom Fabrication in Los Angeles, California, it sports a Minor Brothers Racing billet Hemi engine enhanced by a ProCharger F-3R-136 supercharger.

While it was definitely a great time in NorCal, the real inspiration for the gathering is the passing of a significant milestone for the company. For the past 25 years, ProCharger has been making cars faster with intercooled boost.

“We want to thank all of our customers and dealers for helping us achieve 25 years in business, for without them, this would not have been possible. We are excited to continue delivering more power than any other power adder choice while also achieving 50-state-legal use for the majority of our street systems,” Turner said of the company’s future. “We will also keep pushing hard to make sure we give ProCharger racer customers a competitive edge on the track.”

Of course modern street muscle was in plentiful supply, during the event as well. Case in point was Lynnard Barnes’ striking 2012 Challenger that is boosted by a ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger.

A proponent of enhanced performance on and off the track, ProCharger continues to innovate its products in order to keep pushing boosted performance forward.

“Customers, media members, and ProCharger dealers all enjoyed their time at the ProCharger event and got a chance to interact firsthand and learn more about ProCharger and the exciting new products we have planned for 2019, including our 50-state-legal systems for the current-generation Camaro, Corvette, Challenger, and Mustang,” Turner said.

Another head-turner at the event was this Bojix Mustang, which you may recall from its appearance at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This customized 2019 Mustang wears a ProCharger Stage II System headlined by a P-1X supercharger.

A longtime supporter of both the NMRA and NMCA series, including sponsorship of the ProCharger Modified Street category with the NMRA, the company has any eye toward its next quarter century of supercharger development.

“We are continuously seeking feedback from both street and racing customers as well as input from our vast dealer network to help our engineering department prioritize R&D projects,” Turner explained. ‘A good example is our recent launch of our new CrankDrive gear drive product (based on input from ProCharger racers), which won the SEMA award for Best New Performance Racing Product and is currently in high demand from racing customers.”

It should be fun seeing what kind of boosted performance ProCharger can create in the company’s next quarter century.