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Sweet 16 Highlights: DeWayne Mills First to the 3.60s, Mark Micke/Jason Carter Crushes Em All with 3.67 at 221 mph! —Presented by Edelbrock


It was day one of the $101,000-to-win Duck X Productions Sweet 16, an exclusive private event that brought in the baddest Radial vs. The World competitors to South Georgia Motorsports Park. The focus is on setting records and crushing the competition without any distractions. After just one round of qualifying, the concept is living up to the hype. A Thurday evening qualifying run produced the quickest and fastest Radial vs. The World field and there are four more qualifiers scheduled for Friday. We won’t talk about how you have be in the 3.80s to even make the Sweet 16 and focus on the top players. DeWayne Mills pushed his Golden Gorilla to a 3.69 at 212 mph—marking him as the “First to the 3.60s,” a prestigious honor that many have tried to accomplish during Lights Out 9 and No Mercy 9. But that would quickly be forgotten when Stevie “Fast” Jackson unleash an even quicker 3.68 but the biggest trash talker and nearly undisputed king of radial racing would be outdone by another turbo combination.

Mark Micke, driving Jason Carter’s iconic 1978 Malibu, would set the pace that all others will try to topple. How does a 3.67 at 221 mph sound? That is what it took to sit on top of the field and there are four more rounds of qualifying with the elapsed time mark expected to fall even further. Overnight there has been a lot of talk about the 221 mph speed, coming from a team that set the record at Bradenton Motorsports Park nearly two months ago at a high mark of 213 mph. There are some differences to the ‘Bu since then, though the same Nelson Competition 548ci billet big-block Chevy, complete with 4.84-inch bore space and wedge heads, and Garrett GTX 98mm turbochargers remain the same. The major change has been an increase in boost pressure as they went from 72-74 psi of boost up to a whopping 85 psi! The team credits several tricks they performed in the M&M TH400 two-speed and torque converter that loaded the engine differently, spiking the boost output in the process. It is no surprise given that Micke is the owner of M&M Transmissions and uses the Malibu to R&D components before releasing them to the public. However, some experts have reported to RPD that the back-splits might not add up to the 221 mph, but the speed is most likely higher than the 213 mph record that the team held going into the race. But the time slip shows a 221 mph speed and Micke feels confident that it is legit. The team is focusing on getting a race day tune-up as they’re at SGMP for the $101,000 prize and they will let others worry about going after the record and top slot on the ladder.

Keep checking through the day and weekend as we cover the highlights from the Sweet 16 Radial vs. The World competition.

Video Courtesy of Free Life Films

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.