6-Second Turbo Coyote Street Car—Justin Jordan Smashes 6s and 200 mph in his 2014 Mustang

Written By: Ainsley Jacobs Riverview, Florida’s Justin Jordan has been a fixture in the Mustang scene for several years now, taking his Coyote-powered, street-driven S197 Mustangs deep into the 7s in the quarter-mile. He’s claimed victories in most of the NMRA’s Turbo Coyote Shootouts, as well as in classes at various

AEM X-Series Digital Gauges

AEM Performance Electronics, as the name might suggest, has long been at the forefront of the science of increasing performance through the wrangling and manipulation of electrons. Early on, they realized that all that data flowing through their engine management systems needed to be monitored, and released their (now classic)