New Product—Ceramic Bearing Upgrade Available for Aerospace Component Vacuum Pumps

The Aerospace Components Ceramic Bearings are new, space-age, hybrid, ceramic bearings that are an optional upgrade to Aerospace Components’ Vacuum Pump. Using the latest technology, these ceramic bearings offer many benefits for racers and the cost to upgrade is affordable. With 1/10th the friction of steel, the ceramic bearings help

New Product—Aerospace Components Manual Brake and Pedal Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustang

The Aerospace Components Manual Brake and Pedal Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustangs (2015-2018) saves weight, adds space under a cramped hood, and improves braking. Going manual does not mean sacrificing great braking. With the Aerospace Components Conversion Kit, braking is actually improved! This is accomplished by correcting the pedal

Stick Cars Rule—Yondro Ulloa Goes 8.47 with TREMEC T-56 Magnum Six-Speed Transmission | Presented by Nitto Tires

If you were attending Street Car Takeover at Bradenton Motorsports Park this past weekend, you may have witnessed a historic event take place. Yandro Ulloa was busy ripping gears in his yellow 1998 SVT Cobra and snagged a record-setting quarter-mile pass of 8.47 seconds at 169 mph! That officially makes

Complete Vacuum Pump Systems From Aerospace Components

High crankcase vacuum can improve piston ring seal, prevent blow-by, and help aid in producing more horsepower, but many racers wish to run low-tension piston rings for less friction and have to compromise on vacuum pressure. Aerospace Components’ new Vacuum Pump System allows racers to get the best of both.