BEHIND BARS, Part II—The Development of the World’s Fastest Small-Tire Racecars, as Told by the People who Developed Them: The 275 and 315 Radial world’s never-ending quest for speed

Written By John F. Katz Photography Courtesy of the Manufacturers/Chassis Builders As what launched as a truly outlaw, grudge-fueled, run-what-you-brung-to-the-unkempt-eighth-mile kind of racing has become increasingly sanctioned, standardized, professionalized—and costly—how has the 10-wide-tire classes retained their still gritty-seductive appeal? “It’s the thrill of it,” replied Tim Lyons, owner of Lyons Custom Motorsports in

New Product—AFCO Street Fighter Shocks

AFCO is proud to announce that our latest monotube technology is now available in single adjustable stock mount design for many street and strip applications. This new stock mount shock is designed to fit in the OEM locations and offers great control, consistency and tune-ability. A wide range of rebound

TECH REVIEW—Afco Big Gun X Shocks and Struts

Although the drag racing landscape can be a picture of consistency in some classes and tracks, the increased counts of small-tire flyers and the big power they bring is hard to ignore. The radial-tire package is also present in the mix, and the resulting combination requires a different chassis set-up