Not Your Daddy’s Caddy—Your father never drove a Cadillac CTS-V like Camp and John Stanley’s Pro Mod

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Drag racing is inherently punk rock. There’s something rebellious about strapping oneself to a machine making several thousand horsepower and flying down a strip of concrete with the only concern being how quick the car can go. Nothing matters except beating the guy in the

Rescinding the Retirement—Stanley & Weiss to Return for 2018 NMCA Season | Presented by Nitto Tire

Fact—it’s hard to stay away from racing. When legendary driver and team owner Camp Stanley, 73, recently announced his retirement, some speculated that it was only a matter of time before he rescinded the decision and came back. While at the 2017 Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, Indiana, in early