Smoke Machine—Jamey Flannery shreds tires in his 1960 Ford F-100 with a NASCAR-spec engine from ROUSH Competition Engines

Written By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of ROUSH Competition Engines Everyone loves a good burnout, but some people definitely take the appreciation of billowing clouds of rubber smoke to a whole different level. One such smoke show enthusiast is Jamey Flannery, who built a classic Ford truck with the mission of shredding

Virtual Vegas—We perused the digital aisles of SEMA 360 in search of the high-performance hardware

By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of Specialty Equipment Market Association Each year the entire automotive aftermarket makes a pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show. Known as the SEMA Show, this even fills the Las Vegas Convention Center and its surrounding parking lots with vehicles and

COMP Cams Adds to Line-up LSTTM Stage 2 Turbo Camshaft and Cam Kit for GM LS 4.8L Engine

COMP Cams has added a new GM LS 4.8L turbo application to its popular LSTTM (Low Shock Technology) cam series that’s optimized for high rpm power production and boost response. The LSTTM Camshaft Kits for GM LS applications take the guesswork out ofchoosing the right valve train upgrade package for your specific

COMP Cams Performance Lash Adjusters to Benefit Ford Modular 4.6L-5.4L Applications

By slowing the leak down rate, COMP Cams Performance Lash Adjusters provide more lift and duration while improving valvetrain stability. Just like lifters in a pushrod engine, lash adjusters in Ford Modular engines can leak down under high RPM, causing lost duration and lift, as well as more valvetrain wear. The COMP

Show & Go—On the hunt for horsepower at the aftermarket’s showcase event of the year — the SEMA Show

For those on the NMRA and NMCA team, the year is really broken up into two seasons — race season and trade-show season. The kick-off to that second season is the biggest automotive aftermarket trade show in the nation — the Specialty Equipment Market Association show. Know simply as the