Design Engineering, Inc. Boom Mat Tape is Finishing Touch for Noise-Blocking & Sound-Damping Projects

Add a finishing touch to any noise-blocking or sound-damping project with versatile Boom Mat Tape from Design Engineering, Inc. Offering the same qualities as Design Engineering, Inc.'s  Boom Mat damping material, multipurpose Boom Mat Tape helps reduce vehicle road noise, sound system vibrations, rattles, dashboard plastic-to-plastic chafing and more. It can

Design Engineering, Inc. Enters Phase Two of Three-Phase Expansion Project

Design Engineering, Inc., a heat and sound management products company, is entering phase two of a long-term, three-phase expansion project that will increase capacity at its headquarters in Avon Lake, Ohio. “This expansion will allow DEI to expand our manufacturing, assembly and warehouse capabilities, and grow our R&D department,” said Dave Ramirez,

Design Engineering, Inc. Introduces New Stand-Off Kits for Thermal Protection

Racers and hot rod owners can place thermal protection where they need it most with Design Engineering, Inc.'s new Stand-Off Kits. Designed as a safe, convenient solution for installing heat barriers, custom thermal shields and more, each Stand-Off is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is long lasting and will handle

New Gold Line Sleeving Offered by Design Engineering Inc.

To keep under-hood wires, cables and hoses cool and protected, it pays to go for the Gold. Design Engineering, Inc.’s new Gold Line Sleeving is manufactured from the company’s high-temperature Metalized Polyimide lamination and bonded to a robust, 20-oz heat-treated glass fiber base material. Available in Sheaths, Shrouds and a Cover,

Design Engineering, Inc. Introduces High-Tech GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shields

When it comes to technologically advanced turbocharger protection, Design Engineering, Inc. has raised the bar with its new GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shields with LR Technology. Featuring a silicone-coated outer layer, multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers, and enhanced seam strength, the GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shield was made to be the