E3 Line of Lithium Batteries Now Shipping

Born from cutting edge nanoscale materials, chosen by the world’s super car manufacturers, and proven on the Formula 1 & NASCAR podiums, the next generation of lithium starter batteries have arrived. Leaving lead-acid, AGM and even traditional lithium-ion batteries languishing in the dust, E3 Lithium is a quantum leap ahead

Tech Review—E3 Lithium Batteries

By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of E3 Spark Plugs Let‘s face it, you probably don’t think about your car’s battery until it lets you down. In racing, that could mean you don’t make the next pass or the next lap, and you lose a race. Moreover, today’s racing rides are laden with

E3 Spark Plugs Jumpstarts 2020 – Enters Lithium Battery Market with the E3 Lithium High Performance 12-Volt Automotive Battery

E3, a leading U.S. manufacturer of performance spark plugs and DiamondFIRE ignition racing products, unveiled today at the 2019 SEMA Show the company’s plans to launch a line of high-performance lithium batteries designed for street and track. The E3 Lithium line of high-performance, 12-volt batteries sets a new performance standard for