Joel Steele’s Sick, Stick-Shifted S197 Eclipses the Six-Second Barrier at FL2K21

After setting the record for the quickest H-pattern manually-shifted and Coyote-powered Mustang in the world in September of 2020 with a 7.86-second quarter-mile at 174mph blast in his S197 Ford Mustang, Joel Steele has shaved nearly a full second off his record while racing at the FL2K21 event at Florida’s

Justin Cyrnek Sells His Green Mustang, Focused on new twin turbo Silver Sister | Presented by Nitto Tire

Other than the start of racing itself, of course, one of the most exciting things about flipping the calendar to a new year is seeing all the off-season builds come out from under their veils of secrecy. Illinois-based racer and MX235 hot shot, Justin Cyrnek, stole the social media show

Fathouse Fabrications Quest for the 8s, Quickest Stick-Shift Coyote Mustang Title On Horizon | Presented by Nitto Tire

Stick-shift racing and banging gears is alive and well, and that’s certainly the case for Ben Stoner of Fathouse Fabrications in Martinsville, Indiana. Ben has big goals for this street-driven manual 2011 Mustang GT. As of right now, this powerhouse is making 1,235 horsepower on 25 psi with a Fathouse Fabrications