Where It All Started—Frankenstein Engine Dynamics

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography courtesy of Frankenstein Engine Dynamics  From his teenage days porting cylinder heads and learning theory from a NASCAR veteran, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics’ mastermind Christopher Frank has been involved with practically every form of professional motorsport and his company is rapidly gaining popularity as a result. Originally from Florida,

Monster Flow, Part 3—LS CNC Porting

By Jason Reiss Photos Courtesy of Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Tech Specs: GM Stock LS1 Cathedral, Stage 1 (243/799/317/241/853 castings) Reuse Factory Intake Valves: 2.000-inch Reuse Factory Exhaust Valves: 1.550-inch Intake Volume: 224cc Exhaust Volume: 82cc Intake Peak Flow: 302 cfm Exhaust Peak Flow: 240 cfm Stock Chamber Seats: Stock Iron Guides: Stock Powdered Metal Minimum Bore: 3.900-inch Intake Manifold Recommendation: FED LowPro (Sold Separately) Stock Rockers. Trunnion Upgrade

Turbo Vette—LSXperts Jump Into Small Tire Wars with Voodoo Child Corvette | Presented by Nitto Tire

Today there are dozens of opportunities for LSX-powered vehicles to compete from auto-cross events to drag racing. For many shops they look at motorsport competitions to help promote their capabilities and push the limits of the parts they sell. For LSXperts of Ball Ground, GA, the shop has dabbled in a lot of arenas

#GetFEDEFI—Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Sponsors 4 Scholarships to EFI University’s Competition Engine Development Course

EFI University is a high-performance educational company that offers nine different courses covering everything from EFI tuning basics to motorsport wiring and configuration and it offers courses all across the country. For those active on social media you might have seen videos produced by Ben Shrader of EFI University discussing