Fuelab Has Upgraded Its H/E Series 474xx, 617xx and 939xx Twin Screw Brushless Pumps

Fuelab has upgraded its H/E Series 474xx, 617xx and 939xx twin screw brushless pumps to offer 600LPH options capable of supporting 1500HP on gas and 1000HP on E85 in a single pump configuration. H/E pumps provide extremely low current draw, superior priming capabilities and greater resistance to cavitation.  New models include 47404,

A Fresh Start with a Fresh Motor for NMRA Modular Muscle’s Gary “Hollywood” Parker

After struggling with consistency issues with his ’02 Ford Mustang all throughout 2019, NMRA Exedy Racing Clutch Modular Muscle mainstay Gary “Hollywood” Parker is starting over for 2020 with a fresh engine and a clear head. Parker, who finished eighth in championship points for the 2019 season, decided to hit the

FUELAB offers new SAE Flange Mount In-Tank DC Brushless Fuel Pumps

  With over 10 years in brushless fuel system innovation for the automotive aftermarket, FUELAB is proud to introduce new, cutting edge technologies to meet the most demanding applications. The company's new speed-controllable, twin-screw DC brushless fuel pump is now available for SAE 10-bolt systems, commonly used with fuel cells or

7-Time NMCA Champion Andy Warren Talks About Success With Fuelab

The most successful racer in NMCA history, Andy Warren, and his big blue Chevy Caprice have become regulars in the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle. Warren and his machine race in the competitive Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle Car category and have amassed an amazing seven championships. Warren's 1971 Chevrolet Caprice is powered

Gary “Hollywood” Parker Signs New Sponsors, Returns to Chase NMRA Championship in 2019

By Ainsley Jacobs If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Gary “Hollywood” Parker has decided to chase another NMRA championship title for 2019, so he’s stepped up with a new combination and has brought several new sponsors on board for the NMRA Exedy Racing Clutch Modular Muscle season. Back

New Product—FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank Systems

If your race vehicle undergoes rapid G-force changes, you need to check out FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank Systems. Whether your racing of choice involves drag racing, drifting, off-road, road racing, or going in circles, this system is designed to keep your engine running at its highest level. FUELAB’s Fuel Surge