Muscular Manual—Building TREMEC six-speed manual capable of withstanding four-digit power and single-digit elapsed times

Written by Jesse Kiser Photography by the author It’s 2020 where twin-turbo junkyard LS engines are commonplace, a 275 is a small tire, and street-driven cars run sevens. An oft-overlooked element in the crowded staging lanes of 1,000-horsepower cars is the transmission. Automatics might win races, but six-speeds are just more fun.

Spotlight on Leonard Long — Manual Transmission Mastermind and Dart NA 10.5 Presented by Diamond Pistons Champion

Interview by Mary Lendzion Photos by Fastest Street Car Staff When Leonard Long was a senior at Hershey High School in Pennsylvania in the 1960s, he was planning to be a mechanic upon graduation. But with some encouragement from his father, he chose to go to vocational school instead, and the skills he

First Gen III Coyote In the 9s—Chad Stephens’ Dirtybird Stretches Its Wings

Canadian racer Chad Stephens is known for his ’87 Ford Thunderbird’s high-flyin’ wild wheelie action, but now the NMRA G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock standout can also be known for putting down the first 9-second quarter-mile pass with a Gen III Coyote engine. It’s been a season of ups and downs