Test Bred—Putting Chevrolet Performance’s GEN-6 Camaro drag power parts to the test

Written by Steve Turner Photography courtesy of Daren Poole-Adams If you caught our first installment on Daren-Poole Adams’ latest undertaking, you know that no one was more excited about Chevrolet Performance’s Camaro SS Drag Race Development Program than the longtime racer. Having raced in Stock Eliminator for decades, set records in major

Learn Your GM ECMs

Differences and Applications of GM ECMs (GEN III, IV, & V) Everybody loves the GM LS Platform, but as much as we hate to say it, the LS is dead—as fas as the OEM is concerned—and in its place lives the LT Platform. Odds are you already knew this, but you

Set In Motion—Motion Raceworks teams with Industry Giants to build 7-Second 6th Gen Camaro | Presented by Nitto Tire

Late last season the Gen V LT market got a glimpse into the potential locked up in the next generation small-block Chevy. Motion Raceworks built the first 7-second Gen V LT-powered ride, ushering in a new era of performance with the unique platform. They stuffed a twin turbo LT engine

Rick Erdman Switching To Steeda Limited Street in 900+ rwhp HP Tuners/Amazon Racing Solutions Mustang | Presented by Nitto Tire

Rick Erdman, owner of Amazon Racing Solutions (ATS) in North Carolina, plans to make the switch from Roush Performance Super Stang over to NMRA’s newest heads-up category—Steeda Limited Street—with his mid-900 hp 2015 Ford Mustang. “With a car pushing almost 1,000-horsepower, it’s difficult to be competitive in a bracket-style race when