Monster Flow, Part 3—LS CNC Porting

By Jason Reiss Photos Courtesy of Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Tech Specs: GM Stock LS1 Cathedral, Stage 1 (243/799/317/241/853 castings) Reuse Factory Intake Valves: 2.000-inch Reuse Factory Exhaust Valves: 1.550-inch Intake Volume: 224cc Exhaust Volume: 82cc Intake Peak Flow: 302 cfm Exhaust Peak Flow: 240 cfm Stock Chamber Seats: Stock Iron Guides: Stock Powdered Metal Minimum Bore: 3.900-inch Intake Manifold Recommendation: FED LowPro (Sold Separately) Stock Rockers. Trunnion Upgrade

Inside the COPO Camaro Supercharged-350ci LS7 Engine

By Miles Cook Photos Courtesy of Chevrolet Performance and Fastest Street Car Magazine In 1969, big-block Camaros were not generally available with a 427. The biggest hitter was the 375-horsepower 396 also known as the L-78. The L-78 could be outfitted with optional aluminum cylinder heads, which then turned it into an L-89, which today is