Big-Bore Maximum Motorsports Rear Wheel Cylinders Improve Mustang Factory Brakes

New, big-bore rear-wheel cylinders from Maximum Motorsports improve braking in drum-brake 1979-1993 Mustangs by shifting brake bias towards the rear of drag cars running slicks, front skinnies, nine-inch rear drums, and factory front discs. These larger-bore cylinders cleverly capitalize on the stopping potential of a drag car's large, sticky rear tires.

New Product—Maximum Motorsports Simplifies IRS Swaps Into Fox Bodies With Bolt-In Brake-Line Kit

Maximum Motorsports has developed an inexpensive brake-line kit that simplifies swapping the Mustang Cobra independent rear suspension into most Fox Mustangs. Precision-formed hard lines eliminate any bending, cutting, or flaring. Fittings are perfectly positioned to attach the original Fox rear hard line to either the stock Cobra IRS brake hoses