Furious Firepower—Performance Distributors ignition products increase power on the street/strip and dyno

By Dan Foley Photos by the author and Performance Distributors Today’s engines, both stock and modified, make more power than ever before. Turbocharger and superchargers are commonplace, even from the factory. Modified cars demand a lot more spark and they need it all the time. If you are relying on the factory

Firing on All Cylinders—Performance Distributors Continues to Make Improvements in the Ignition Game

Performance Distributors got started in the ignition business with high-performance HEI distributors and ignition systems, and over the decades that the family owned and operated business has been improving on that particular product line, it has also expanded the scope of its products to include other brands, makes, and models

New Product—Performance Distributors Go-Fast Green Live Wires

Get that attention getting look from Performance Distributors' new Go-Fast Green Live Wire plug wires.  Approximately 1/2" in diameter, the Go-Fast Green Live Wires perform as good as they look.  The low resistance Green wires delivers maximum spark energy to your plugs.  Performance Distributors’ “LIVE WIRES” is a revolutionary type of spark plug wire.  The

New Product—Performance Distributors S.O.S LS Coils

Performance Distributors (Davis Unified Ignition) introduces the LS S.O.S.(Sultans Of Spark) ignition coils for LS applications!  The new technology in these coils allow you to open up your plug gaps to .065” burning your fuel more completely leading to more power and performance. These Davis Unified Ignition S.O.S.  coils produce 28,000