Calibrating for the Future SAM Tech shares how to conquer the modern EFI tuning — including direct injection, torque modulation, and variable valve timing

Written By Stephen Kim Photography by the author EFI tuning, as we know it, is over. Stick a multimeter probe in it. Gone are the days of simply setting the fuel and timing maps, then calling it good. These days, it’s all about vehicle computer calibration. All of a sudden, the OEs

NMCA Racer Joe Welch’s Back-to-Back NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Wins | Presented by Nitto Tire

Joe Welch’s 2016 Dodge Challenger had quite an impressive history before he ever took ownership of it, but he’s recently penned more a few achievements into the car’s story when he scored back-to-back wins in the School of Automotive Machinists and Technology NHRA Factory Stock Showdown category. “It’s actually the very