RPM Act—EPA Enforcement Hits Small Speed Shop with $180,000 Fine


As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) targets and increases enforcement against automotive aftermarket companies through its National Compliance Initiative, the federal agency is harming legitimate businesses in the motorsports industry. Despite the EPA’s nonbinding, informational claims that it is not targeting aftermarket companies that produce parts for dedicated race cars,

New High-Tech SEMA Garage Planned in Michigan

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) purchased a 45,000-square-foot building in the Detroit, Mich., area to be used as a second SEMA Garage where manufacturers will have access to advanced product-development tools and equipment, a state-of-the-art emissions testing lab, an ADAS research and development center, and expert technicians who will

Virtual Vegas—We perused the digital aisles of SEMA 360 in search of the high-performance hardware

By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of Specialty Equipment Market Association Each year the entire automotive aftermarket makes a pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show. Known as the SEMA Show, this even fills the Las Vegas Convention Center and its surrounding parking lots with vehicles and

New California Law for Exhaust Noise Violations—Fact vs. Fiction | Presented by Nitto Tire

Zoomie headers on a ProCharger-blown Hemi would definitely NOT be street legal and falls outside of the 95-decibel limit that became California law in 2003. On January 1, 2019 a new law went into effect for the state of California known as California Assembly Bill (A.B.) 1824. Former Governor Jerry Brown

Tech Review: Hays Dragon Claw Clutch

Written By Steve Baur Photography by the Author and Courtesy of Hays Today’s modern muscle cars have spoiled their owners when it comes to available power. Base horsepower for both the Camaro and Mustang is well over 400, and equipping either of their highly capable powerplants with a supercharger or turbocharger can