Strange Engineering Announces New and Improved Drag Floater Kits

Strange Engineering has built its reputation by developing reliable and innovative driveline components. With the evolution of power in the Pro Mod and Alcohol car ranks, Strange Engineering has responded with the introduction of its new and improved full floater kits. Improvements include scalloped hubs and drive plates, stronger chrome moly

Woody’s Weapon—Mark Woodruff stocks up on performance so his 1969 Camaro is ready for action

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi An ever-present name in the radial-tire racing world, Mark Woodruff has the reputation of being one of the best—both on track and in the pits. Carrying a rightfully deserved standing, “Woody,” as he’s commonly known, has worked through major ups and downs over the

Strange Engineering Debuts New Double-Adjustable Struts for 1982-1992 and 2010-2014 Camaros and 1987-2014 Mustangs

Strange Engineering has debuted new double-adjustable struts for 1982-1992 and 2010-2014 Camaros and 1987-2014 Mustangs. Strange Engineering double externally adjustable coil-over steel struts are designed and valved to satisfy the needs of the most competitive racer. Drag racing can be won or lost by narrow margins, making suspension tuning and consistency

Strange Engineering Expands Line of Bolt-In Shocks for Various Applications

Strange Engineering, a leader in driveline and suspension, continues to expand its successful line of bolt-in shocks for Mopar, GM and Ford applications. These aluminum body shocks offer a wide range of valving that can be adjusted for any application ranging from street to track. The lightweight aluminum shocks are available

DXP Magic 8 Recap—Stevie Fast Jackson Dominates RVW and Jamie Miller Tunes Manny Buginga’s Two Mustangs to Double Victories

Donald Long’s legendary small-tire radial races are always exciting favorites for racers and fans, and the recent DXP Magic 8 event held at Orlando Speed World in Florida over the weekend of July 23-25, 2020, brought plenty of action and plenty of drama. With three premier classes each running an

Strange Engineering Offers S300M 40-Spline Gun-Drilled Floater Shafts

Evolving its product line to meet the needs of today’s racers, Stange Engineering is now offering 300M 40-spline gun-drilled floater shafts for the most demanding of drag race applications. The .875” gun-drilled 300M floater shafts are 21 percent stronger than comparable 4340 shafts. Strange believes in offering the strongest components available

Strange Engineering Creates Value Axle and Spool Package for 8.8″ Fox Body Mustang Rear Ends

Strange Engineering has created a value axle and spool package for 8.8” Fox Body Mustang rear ends. The 35-spline alloy axles are forged from SAE 1550 modified steel. All machine work on the shaft and splines is completed prior to heat-treat, which offers increased torsional strength and creates a strong

Strange Engineering Offers LCA Brackets with Multiple Mounting Locations as Standard Equipment on GM Housings

Strange Engineering continues to evolve its products to meet the demands of today’s racers by offering lower control arm brackets with multiple mounting locations as standard equipment on GM housings. The newly-designed brackets allow for lower control arm adjustment to manipulate pinion angle, increase traction and improve overall performance in street