A Quick Theory on X275—Justin Cyrnek’s new X275 Mustang dubbed Orange Theory | Presented by Nitto Tire

Justin Cyrnek has a history of swapping ‘Stangs. In late 2017, he sold his green, Larry Jeffers Racecars-built, turbocharged 2013 Mustang GT to Brad Medlock so that he could finance another ’13 GT replacement build. Now, he has yet another Mustang in his stable – a wicked orange X275 beast. Originally

Tech Review—Brodix Head Hunter F-Series

  The name Brodix has been synonymous with success in NMRA Keystone Drag Racing as their cylinder heads have helped produce record runs and earn championships through a variety of eliminators over the years. Their latest small-block Ford offering builds upon their success in the racing market. Coming out of their

Alton Clements to Run VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw in 2018 Season

Two-time NMRA Edelbrock Renegade champion, Alton Clements, will be stepping up his game and moving into the fiercely-competitive world of VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw for the 2018 season. After spending the better part of a decade running Edelbrock Renegade, Clements and his father, Alton, Senior, have acquired a new-to-them Fox body

Is This The Baddest GT500?!

Extended Family Vincenzo Giuseppe Palazzolo and Benny Ortiz team up to field a 2009 ShelbGT500 For Vincenzo Giuseppe Palazzolo, racing is about two things—doing well, and making his family proud. He follows the rule that hard work is something not to be ashamed of, and over the years, he’s developed a good