Samantha Moore Locked In For Third NMRA JDM Engineering Limited Street Season

As co-owner of Vector Motorsports in Brighton, Michigan, Samantha Moore sure knows her way around a racecar. After years of working on customer projects, though, she decided she wanted to get in on the action herself. Moore purchased her California Special ’14 Ford Mustang in ’15 with every intention of

UPR Products’ 2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package Introduced

All of the components of the winning UPR suspension system are now available in kit form. The UPR Products’ 2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package includes: UPR Billet IRS Subframe Bushing Cradle Lockout Kit/Billet IRS Subframe Braces: This 12-piece CNC Billet lockout/brace package eliminates the movement found in the OEM rubber bushings. Reduce wheel-hop

To The Limit—Bill Putnam keeps pushing his SN-95 Mustang in NMRA Limited Street competition

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi It wasn’t until his cousin introduced him to the Mustang world that Bill Putnam’s performance interest piqued. Once it was, he was all in. Growing up in Florida, Putnam borrowed cars from his parents when he first learned to drive as a teen and