NMRA/NMCA Hosts EATON TVS® Supercharger Throwdown at All-Star Nationals Event

The EATON Corporation revolutionized the Roots supercharged world when it released its Twin Vortices Series technology, applying it to both OEM and aftermarket applications. Their “twist” on efficiency made the TVS supercharger the right choice for high-performance applications and the on-track performances prove it, especially with its new TVS 2650 rotor package. To show off

Rick Erdman Switching To Steeda Limited Street in 900+ rwhp HP Tuners/Amazon Racing Solutions Mustang | Presented by Nitto Tire

Rick Erdman, owner of Amazon Racing Solutions (ATS) in North Carolina, plans to make the switch from Roush Performance Super Stang over to NMRA’s newest heads-up category—Steeda Limited Street—with his mid-900 hp 2015 Ford Mustang. “With a car pushing almost 1,000-horsepower, it’s difficult to be competitive in a bracket-style race when

PRI Show: Rebecca Starkey Reveals New Carbon-Clad Ultra Street Mustang | Presented by Nitto Tire

Built in just 14 days, Rebecca Starkey’s new ride is turning heads and attracting a lot of eyes as it’s almost completely clad in carbon fiber. What began as a 2015 Ford Mustang was rebodied to a 2018 model instead, and Starkey struck up a conversation with Anderson Composites that resulted

VP Racing Fuels MS109

The popularity of ethanol-based fuels exploded in 2005 as the United States’ fuel industry sought a suitable replacement for foreign-based oil. It might not have had the effect on the gasoline industry that some politicians thought, but it did have a profound impact on the automotive aftermarket. It became known