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Team Buginga/Pro Line Racing Set Unofficial Pro 275 Record—Click to Find Out How Quick!


Pro Line Racing ProCharger HEMI FuelTechSeveral months ago Pro Line Racing and Team Buginga began a collaboration to field a competitive Pro 275 entry in the upcoming Duck X Productions Magic 8 competition at Orlando Speed World. The months of planning and building are coming to fruition as evident by the results of a recent test session. The two groups spent the several days testing at Maryland International Raceway, featuring track prep by Jason Miller of Miller Brothers Production, and the hard work paid off.

Pro Line Racing’s Eric Dillard was responsible for the driving duties as the team unofficially set the Pro 275 record with a stellar 3.780 at 196.42 mph. Tuning chores fell under the watchful eyes of Steve Petty and Jamie Miller while Tim Davis handled the car chief duties. The Mickey Thompson ET Radial Pro 275 radials got a workout when the MJM Construction sponsored 2003 Mustang Cobra clocked a stout .976 sixty-foot time and delivered Dillard to the 330 mark in just 2.529 seconds.

Pro Line Racing FuelTech ProCharger Manny BugingaThe Mustang features a tube chassis design under the factory body and was originally setup for NMRA Pro 5.0. Manny Buginga purchased the car late last year and worked with Jamie Miller on determining a plan of action to update the chassis and fasten a supercharged combination between the shock towers. JW Racing and Fabrication performed the chassis updates along with adding a double frame-rail for rigidity. Anthony DiSomma of DiSomma Racing Engines offered invaluable data and racecar component support, including a complete line of Fragola parts, to help get the Mustang ready-to-run.

A Pro Line Racing HEMI engine, featuring Alan Johnson Performance Engineering billet engine block and cylinder heads, was an obvious choice given its success in Pro Mod and Radial vs. The World competition. Fastened to the front of the record-holding engine is a gear-drive system that features a ProCharger F-3X-140 centrifugal supercharger. Estimated output is 3,200hp and a FuelTech FT600 was tapped as the engine management system. The all-inclusive FT600 ECU is responsible for more than the engine tuning as it handles traction control, data logging, auto-shifting functions and so much more.

“Once we established a great baseline, Petty and Jamie began throwing more and more at it until it ran the 3.78. We are happy with the progress, tried a few more changes that the car didn’t like but quickly went back to the solid tune-up,” said an elated Buginga about the quick success they enjoyed in testing. “Dillard did awesome behind the wheel with consistency and I think he is going to be the one to watch in a few weeks at Magic 8.”

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.