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Tech Review—Holley EFI Expands Dominator Capabilities with V5 Software Update


The capabilities of stand-alone EFI systems today are astounding compared to their predecessors dating back to the 1990s and earlier. Technological advances in computers and digital programming have enabled EFI systems to manage the entire powertrain from the engine to power adder systems and even modern electronic-controlled transmissions. More systems on the market today eliminate the needs for external controllers thanks various inputs and outputs controlled by the EFI system. Recently the game changed again when Holley EFI released its fifth software update, simply called V5.

For those who are unfamiliar with the strides Holley EFI has made with its systems, the company—which dominates the carburetor market—offers two highly capable EFI systems dubbed HP and Dominator. It is a play on their carburetor division’s products with similar line names. The HP is a very capable EFI system while the Dominator is the upper echelon of stand-alone fuel injection. The V5 software adds even more sizzle to one of the hottest EFI systems on the market.

The software update is available for free from, making it easy to unlock the features with just a software update instead of buying new hardware. Some upgrades require sensors or other equipment to activate it, but those costs are reasonably.

One of the most talked about new features is the Active Speed Management, aka traction control. Now it is an internal option in Dominator and HP EFI systems instead of an external third party add-on.

Right off the bat the most talked about upgrade is the Active Speed Management, or more commonly known as traction control. The Holley EFI uses a time-based traction control that references engine speed and/or driveshaft speed. The Active Speed Management requires an access code that must be purchased. But don’t think it is priced like an exotic material—the price point is a mere $500. That’s hardly a steep price tag for the technology, which is a game changer in today’s small tire heads-up racing and no prep events. It can reference curves imported from a Holley or Racepak data log to create a base. Various curves can then be programmed in to determine when and how much timing is removed in order to keep the tires pushing the car forward instead of spinning.

With the popularity of electronic overdrive transmissions in the high-performance market, it comes of no surprise that Holley EFI has added controls for several units. In addition to the transmissions already supported, the engineering team led by Doug Flynn added GM 4L60E/5E (2009+), Ford AODE, and Ford 4R70W (1998-2003 and 2003+). Each transmission does require a special harness. The Coyote 5.0 swap has become extremely popular and the dropdown menu has been expanded to include the 2015-2017 Coyote, in addition to the 2011-2014 generation it already supported.

Holley EFI has also expanded the transmission controls to include more GM and Ford units.

Other tricks lurking in the V5 software upgrade include the Multiple Injector Set Configuration and Tuning. In layman terms, that means the user has the ability to sequence and tune the contribution of multiple injector sets in any fashion they so desire. The individual cylinder timing controls are now compatible with any ignition system. There are also updates to the data logging system to eliminate frame skips.

The final major upgrade with the V5 software is Staging Assist. It is most known as bump box, a term coined by another manufacturer. The Staging Assist is most helpful with turbocharged combinations as racers can bring up the boost in the pre-stage beams and use the Staging Assist program to regulate the transbrake to bump the car into the staged beams. The Staging Assist process allows the engine to remain under boost, most often times at the pre-determined launch boost setting in the boost controller—another internally controlled system in Dominator and HP ECUs. The Staging Assist can also be helpful in bracket racing so racers can bump into the lights in the same spot virtually every time they pull to the starting line.

The Holley EFI V5 Software Update Overview document <HERE> extensively breaks down each feature and explains how to utilize it in your street or race vehicle. There are also links <HERE> for the V5 software update and other information.


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