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Tech Review—Race Star Wheels

This S550 Mustang wears Race Star Wheels’ 92 Drag Star Bracket Racer wheels that measure by 17×7 inches in front and 17×9.5 inches in back.

Written by Miles Cook

Photos courtesy of Ultimate Headers

For any NMCA or NMRA competitor — whether it be a street-oriented car running 11s in True Street or an all-out, 3-second heavy hitter in the Pro Mod class — high-quality, lightweight aftermarket wheels are a worthwhile upgrade to consider in any discussion. And in that discourse, you’d be remiss to leave Race Star Industries out of the mix when it comes to outfitting said NMCA/NMRA entry with a set of Race Star Wheels’ quality wheels, of which its Pro Forged line is part of the company offerings.

A set of 95 Recluse wheels in black chrome makes a fifth-gen Camaro look sharp. These measure 17×7 inches in front and 17×10.5 inches in back.

“We really enjoy seeing Race Star wheels in NMCA and NMRA competition,” Greg Bennett, National Sales Manager at Race Star, said. “We appreciate the highly spirited competition in both sanctioning bodies and we look forward to more racers running our wheels in both the all-Ford side of the NMRA as well as those who race all makes and models of GMs, Fords, and Mopars in the NMCA ranks.”

Race Star’s variety of wheels for street/strip applications and hardcore race cars is worth a look for any car running in NMCA or NMRA competition and the Pro Forged line includes SFI 15.2-tested front-runner wheels, SFI 15.1- and 15.3-tested rear wheels and accessories. A highlight of the line is an innovative one-piece-configuration wheel.

A bronze finish is a new option for much of the Race Star wheel line.

“We’ve actually built a wheel that’s very unique in the industry,” Bennett explained. “It’s going to save on weight, but more importantly it’s a lot more structurally sound because of its design. We’re proud to offer that new design because it’s the first of its kind.

“We built our product line around what the racers have been asking for. This wheel has all the bells and whistles and the double-beadlock rear-wheel applications have a bolt system, which makes it easy to change tires,” Bennett added. “There are advantages that we’ve built into the wheel to make it more user-friendly and functional. We’ve also added our race grip technology on our non-beadlock wheels to aid in reduction of tire-to-wheel slippage.”

We’ll take a 2013 Boss 302 anytime. Adding a set of polished 94 Super Stars make it even better.

The fusion welding and manufacturing processes allow for advanced production and quality control. Each wheel is laser measured and X-rayed to ensure the highest quality product for the racer and this is clearly a step beyond just a visual inspection.

“We also realized a need for an improved product for those running 15-inch wheels,” Bennett elaborated. “We respect the performance improvements these guys are making as well. They are going quicker and faster all the time. We felt a need to provide the same technology in a product for them as the 16-inch racers. Our one-piece-configuration 15-inch wheels are the only ones on the market.”

A Pontiac G8 GT looks great with its 17×4.5-inch Race Stars in front and 17×9.5-inch Race Stars in back.

“We’re catering to the racer,” Bennett continued. “We’ve worked hard to reach an affordable price point. We’ve taken suggestions received from racers over the years and applied them to our line of wheels. Who better to listen to than those who actually use the product?”

Other notable features of the Pro Forged line include the availability of two finishes; either polished or black anodized with machined accents. The lightweight one-piece configuration also has a very functional five-spoke design that happens to have plenty of form as well.

Fox Mustangs like this ’91 LX 5.0 looks great with a set of polished 94 Super Stars, measuring 17×4.5 inches in front and 17×9.5 inches in back.

For the 15- and 17-inch front wheels, you can opt for either a spindle- or lug-mount configuration. The spindle version allows easy access to brake calipers and a screw-on aluminum cap has a locking O-ring. The spindle-mount front wheels are also available with or without Strange Engineering or Anglia bearing kits, while the lug-mount wheels are mounted with ½-inch, long-shanked lugs and include a stainless cap.

As for rears, the 15- and 16-inch series wheels for Pro Stock, Pro-Mod, and Sportsman cars feature a beadlock configuration and have titanium (16-inch) or steel (15-inch) bead-lock ring-mounting hardware. Finally, note that black-anodized finish wheels come with a machined-accent bead-lock ring, while the polished versions include a black-accented ring.

Race Star wheels look great on Mopars too, like this Challenger Hellcat.



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