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Tech Review—Trick Flow Power Port 270 big-block Mopar Cylinder Heads

By Steve Baur

Photography Courtesy of Trick Flow


Trick Flow Specialties has never been a company that sits back and enjoys it’s successes, rather the company continues to refine each of its offerings while expanding on it’s line of engine performance parts. One of the company’s latest creations is its new PowerPort 270 cylinder heads for big-block Mopar engines.

The new 270 cylinder heads are based on the company’s popular PowerPort 240 heads that preceded them, and those were highly capable performers in their own right. The new heads, however, feature raised 270cc Max-Wedge-style intake runners designed to provide a straighter path to the valve for improved airflow characteristics.

Made from premium grade A356-T61 aluminum, the PowerPort 270 big-block Mopar heads feature 78cc CNC-profiled combustion chambers, along with a high-resolution, CNC competition-ported runner surface finish that ensures proper dimensional accuracy and balanced flow from runner-to-runner.

Trick Flow relocated the rocker shaft oil holes for the shafts to help optimize the shape of the runners to increase flow velocity, and to increase the strength to the shaft bosses. There is clearance for 3/8-inch pushrods, ductile-iron valve seats with multi-angle machining, and bronze alloy valve guides. Sliding in and out of those guides are 11/32-inch-stem stainless steel valves that work with Trick Flow by PAC Racing valve springs with chromoly or titanium retainers and 7- or 10-degree steel valve stem locks.

If there’s one thing we’ve come to know and love about the majority of Trick Flow’s cylinder head offerings, its that most of them are designed to work with stock parts and accessories, and like their PowerPort 240 cousins, the PowerPort 270 cylinder heads are designed to use all factory-style big-block Mopar pistons, roller rocker arms, and even headers. When it comes to the manifold choice, Trick Flow recommends using a Max Wedge-style intake manifold for optimum performance.

Trick Flow’s PowerPort 270 big-block Mopar heads are available fully assembled or as bare castings, and you can buy them individually as well. The assembled part numbers are as follows:

PowerPort 270 Cylinder Heads, Assembled

TFS-61617801-C01                       1.460″ dual valve springs, chromoly retainers

TFS-61617802-C01                       1.550″ dual valve springs, chromoly retainers

TFS-6161T783-C01                       1.550″ dual valve springs, titanium retainers

TFS-6161T784-C01                       1.560″ dual valve springs, titanium retainers

Supporting Trick Flow’s new Mopar cylinder heads are a number of complementary products that include new Trick Flow cast-aluminum valve covers, Trick Flow by Cometic exhaust gaskets, and a new aluminum lifter valley plate kit.


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Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
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